Anthem Audio Installation

Show & Tell AV Solutions of Salt Lake City, Utah invites you to investigate the Anthem line of high-end audio equipment for your home. We are the authority in home entertainment rooms in the Salt Lake City metropolitan area. We use only top-of-the -line audio equipment to bring you the best sound possible.

Why Choose Anthem?

Anthem audio boasts a wide range of high-end processors, receivers, and amplifiers for your home audio needs. Professional home audio installation enables you to take full advantage of Anthem Room Correction (ARC), which customizes the sound produced by this equipment so it fits your room for a truly customized home experience.

Anthem Collection Series

Anthem’s equipment collections ensure that the best home audio options are available to meet your unique tastes and space. Some available options in the Anthem line include:

  • A Series
  • AVM Series
  • D2v Series
  • Integrated Series
  • M Series
  • MCA Series
  • MRX Series
  • P Series
  • PVA Series

The AVM series is capable of enhanced video performance, broadcast-quality digital video processing, 3D equipped, and Anthem Room Correction (analyzes the speakers and your room for the best sound possible). The Anthem Integrated series includes all-in-one 2-channel analog sound. Maybe you’d prefer the cutting edge technology and design of the M series or the PVA series for its ultra-low distortion. Whatever your home audio needs, we can find you the perfect sound.

Listening Pleasure By Anthem

Anthem audio is designed for the whole family. Listen to your favorite music, from symphonies to hard rock, and feel like you are in the same room as the performers. Hear the crashes and booms from fight scenes, car chases, and explosions in movies or video games, or the sound of a pin dropping during tense romantic scenes.

Get the Home Theater your Family Deserves

For a home theater experience tailored to your home and family, contact Show & Tell AV of Salt Lake for a free quote. We’ll provide a customized home theater with professional Anthem home audio installation that will let you experience your media like never before.