Energy Efficient Home Automation

Energy Efficient Home Automation

When you’re ready to take the next step in sustainability and upgrade to an energy efficient home automation system, Show & Tell AV Solutions of Salt Lake City can help you choose the products and systems you need. Smart homes are not just for the wealthy and tech-savvy anymore with new and budget-friendly products being developed for the average homeowner.

Heating & Cooling Savings

The programmable thermostat used to be touted as the top product for reducing energy costs, and it does help, but it also has problems. Many homeowners didn’t understand how to program theirs or found they were frequently overriding the program for schedule changes and other reasons. The savings were less than anticipated due to these user errors, making these thermostats hardly worth the effort. New smart thermostats determine when you have left the house and can adjust automatically. You can even set different temperatures for different zones of your home. Climate control costs are nearly 60% of every energy bill, and the savings with an automated system can be significant, especially if it’s being optimized through smart technology.

Energy Vampires in Your Home

Even with the best of intentions, we have all left a room and forgotten to turn off the lights. These things happen, but they end up costing money. Lighting and electronics make up the other two big chunks of your energy costs. Home automation devices for lighting will save plenty of money on your energy bills by automatically controlling lights when you enter or leave the room, as well as being programmable via smartphone for when you’re away or on vacation. Electronic devices, sometimes called “energy vampires” because they are secretly sucking up energy even when turned off, can be controlled as well to only use power when they are turned on.

Smart Homes are the Future

Once considered an option for the very wealthy, energy efficient home automation systems are becoming mainstream. Smartphones are powerful and are being used to control everything from heating and cooling systems to lighting, media and window coverings. Having the control of your home’s primary energy systems at your fingertips, from anywhere, means you can adjust your settings at the touch of a button, leading to savings on your energy costs. Some ways smart technology can save you money include:

  • Smart thermostats to control the climate in your home, even in different zones.
  • Smart lighting turns off or dims unnecessary lighting.
  • Smart window covers, that open and close to increase or reduce natural light.
  • Electronic devices that secretly use power can be turned off completely.
  • Smart media that turns off if you fall asleep or leave the house.

Start Saving Today

At Show & Tell AV Solutions, we can optimize your energy efficiency with a home automation system in Salt Lake City. Many energy companies, cities and states are offering incentives for energy and cost-saving smart automation systems. Our experts can advise you on the systems that will provide you with the best incentives and cost savings. Contact us today to set up a no-obligation consultation.