Home Networking

Home Network

Take advantage of the latest internet technology with a professional home networking setup in Salt Lake City from Show & Tell AV Solutions. With the different connection needs and speeds available today, it’s not enough to leave your internet connection setup to the cable guy. Get the bandwidth you are paying for with our expert advice and years of experience in offering the following home networking services:

  • Wireless Setup
  • Wired Setup
  • Router & Modem Selection
  • Cabling & Wiring
  • Ideal Router Placement
  • Router Configuration
  • Network Security Setup

Router & Network Placement

Router PlacementAsking you where you want the router is usually the first question an inexperienced technician will ask. Router placement in the living room or office is a common choice. Unfortunately, it’s not always the best option. You want a technician who understands your unique needs, the way your house is setup, and where dead zones may be in effect.

The router you want and where to place it will depend on what you will be using your internet for and the layout of your home. Is your home built with stones or bricks? These building materials make a huge difference in wireless connectivity. Are you a casual user who will hop on now and then to use a tablet or check email? Your needs will differ from those of people who work from home, a family that streams a lot of media, or online gamers. Regardless, no matter your needs, we can help.

Wireless Isn’t Always Better

Taking advantage of advancements like Gigabit Ethernet means needing the right router, modem, and the right wired hookups. You aren’t going to be getting the most out of your connection in this instance without the right home networking know-how. Relying on cheap low-quality cabling because it’s labeled Cat 5e will throttle your bandwidth and splurging on high-grade Cat 6 cables may be overkill. At Show & Tell AV Solutions we use only the best, most efficient equipment and cabling to hook up your wired network.

Wireless Network Setup Options

With a broad range of equipment options, optimal wireless home network setup can seem just as confusing as sorting through cable types. Today’s wireless standards come in a variety of choices including 802.11b, 802.11a, 802.11g, 802.11n, and 802.11ac. Wireless hardware doesn’t stop at routers. You may also benefit from wireless access points and wireless bridges depending on the range you want and the size of your network. You want a professional who can weed out the confusion and help you choose the most beneficial setup.

Get The Most Out Of Your Home Networking

For the best speeds, reliability, low latency rates, and range, count on professional home networking done right the first time from Show & Tell AV Solutions. We are here to serve you with all your home networking needs in Salt Lake City and the surrounding areas. Stop suffering through buffering games and movies, wifi dead zones in your home, and disconnect after disconnect. Contact us today to schedule your home network assessment.