Media Rooms

Media Rooms

If you’re considering installing a media room in your Salt Lake City home, Show & Tell AV Solutions has the knowledge and experience you’re seeking. If you have a gamer or a movie enthusiast in the family, you’ll want to learn more about the advantages of media rooms and what they can include.

Spend Quality Time With Family At Home

Media rooms allow you to gather with family and friends for an evening of entertainment at a fraction of the price you’d spend out on the town. If you’re in the mood for a quiet evening with a movie or your favorite video game, your custom media room is just the place to be. Just add a popcorn popper, and you’re all set.

Some features and benefits of a media room in your home include:

  • Social & Family Gatherings
  • Gaming
  • Music & Video Entertainment
  • Sports
  • Smart Technology
  • Custom Seating
  • Entertainment


Can you imagine a place for the football or basketball fans to gather and enjoy the game on a 4k TV, with surround sound, and couch seating without bothering the rest of the house? They can yell and cheer to their heart’s content while your media room keeps it contained. Whether you are planning a Superbowl party or watching the World Series, media rooms can accommodate the sports fan in your home.


Do you have a gaming family or group? A media room with your choice of screen sizes would be an excellent place for game consoles and all your video games and accessories. Equipment and games are kept organized so that nothing will get lost or misplaced. You also have the advantage of high-quality audio and HD display.

Call Us To Design Your Custom Media Room

With state-of-the-art media rooms designed and configured by our knowledgeable technicians at Show & Tell AV Solutions in Salt Lake City, you will be able to enjoy your various forms of entertainment in a whole new way. Call us today to schedule your professional media room installation.