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Experience KEF: Craftsmanship in Sound

At KEF Audio, a legacy of pioneering innovation and exceptional British craftsmanship combine to deliver unparalleled audio experiences. Discover the KEF difference and explore a new level of emotion in sound with their audiophile speakers in your Salt Lake City, UT home.

Why choose KEF?

A Rocking Sonic Experience Delivered by Cutting-Edge Technology 

Since 1961, KEF has been a leader in audio research and technological innovation with a commitment to creating superior listening experiences. Innovations like the groundbreaking Uni-Q driver technology and the iconic Muon and Blade speakers revolutionized audiophile speaker design, demonstrating KEF’s passion for pushing the boundaries of audio performance. Experience the legacy of audio excellence in your Salt Lake City, UT, home with KEF, where history, design, and innovation harmoniously coexist in every product.
Uni-Q® Technology

KEF's foundational Uni-Q driver array technology ensures that every listening seat is the best in the house. Even sound dispersion creates a broad and deep soundstage for a natural, immersive listening experience.

Uni-Core® Technology

The patent-pending Uni-Core technology is a giant leap forward in compact subwoofer performance, producing deeper bass from smaller cabinets. Its innovative force-canceling design dramatically reduces distortion, delivering cleaner, punchier bass frequencies for richer, more impactful audio.

Metamaterial Absorption Technology

KEF's Metamaterial Absorption Technology (MAT) substantially enhances audio clarity by effectively absorbing the unwanted sound radiating from the rear of the driver. This trailblazing innovation results in purer, more natural sound.

Single Apparent Source Technology

Single Apparent Source technology ensures perfect time alignment, seamlessly integrating drivers to create a single point source of sound. This unique design results in exceptionally accurate, three-dimensional soundstage reproduction, making you feel closer to the original performance.

Hi-Fi Speakers

KEF's Hi-Fi speakers are a showcase of avant-garde design, British craftsmanship, and cutting-edge acoustics. From the iconic Blade to the award-winning LS 50 series, revel in an unprecedented auditory and aesthetic experience in your Salt Lake City, UT home.

  • MUON

    Experience the pinnacle of acoustic excellence with KEF's MUON speakers, where art meets sound. Crafted in collaboration with renowned designer Ross Lovegrove, these limited-edition masterpieces deliver an unparalleled blend of form and function, transforming your listening experience.

  • Blade Series

    Unleash your music's full potential with KEF's revolutionary Blade series, the embodiment of precision audio and design unfettered by convention. The Single Apparent Source technology and innovative driver array combine to deliver an unmatched, memorable experience with every recording.

  • Reference Series

    Dive into the legendary sound of KEF's Reference Series, where no detail goes unheard. Each speaker, meticulously hand-built and calibrated, showcases KEF’s commitment to sonic perfection. Experience the   remarkable Reference Series, now updated with the latest KEF acoustic innovations.

  • R Series

    KEF's R Series inherits some of the innovative features originally developed for the classic Reference line. Featuring Uni-Q driver and Metamaterial Absorption Technology, each speaker delivers a detailed, dynamic audio experience for stereo, home theater, and everything in between.

  • Q Series

    Meet KEF's Q Series: excellence in sound, accessible to all. Equipped with cutting-edge technology originally debuting in the Reference and Blade series, these speakers deliver a rich, multidimensional soundscape at an amazing value proposition.

  • LS50 Meta

    The LS50 Meta is the next step in the evolution of the iconic and pioneering LS50. Harnessing the power of Metamaterial Absorption Technology, these speakers deliver a sonic purity beyond comparison. Experience unexpectedly powerful sound from small speakers with the LS50 Meta.

  • T Series

    The T Series melds surprisingly slim design with outstanding performance. Despite their ultra-thin profile, these speakers deliver a full-bodied, detailed sound, thanks to KEF’s innovative driver technologies. The T Series is the perfect speaker for impressive sound in minimalist media spaces.

    Wireless Hi-Fi Speakers

    Experience effortless sound with KEF's LS Wireless Collection in your Park City, UT home. Combining advanced wireless speaker technology with KEF's signature audio engineering, these speakers deliver rich, room-filling sound without the clutter of cables. Dive into the future of home audio with the LS Wireless Collection.
    • LS60

      Play anything and hear everything with the unequaled quality of the LS60 Wireless tower speakers. Designed to make everything sound better, from streaming music to high-resolution recordings to TV and your treasured vinyl collection. The LS60 redefines high-fidelity for a new age of digital, wire-free sound.

    • LSXII

      The LSX II is KEF high-fidelity sound in its smallest iteration. Don’t let the diminutive size fool you; the Uni-Q driver array and KEF’s custom digital signal processing enlarge the sweet spot and surface every detail in your music, movies, and games. It’s big sound in a small package for hi-fi anywhere.

    • LS50

      More than a speaker, the LS50 Wireless II is the new version of KEF’s groundbreaking all-in-one audio solution. Enjoy hi-fi sound from streaming music, TV, turntables, game consoles, and more from a compact, easy-to-use system free of complexity, leaving you to delight in the stellar sound.

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