Acoustic Treatments

Home Theater Acoustic Treatments

For home or studio audio acoustic treatments in the Salt Lake area, call Show and Tell AV Solutions. Imagine you’re relaxing at home, enjoying the evening with your family. All of a sudden, your teenagers in the next room decided to watch a movie and want to take full advantage of your great surround sound system. How can you let them enjoy their movie while still enjoying some quiet time? Call us to solve all of your studio and home theater audio problems today.

Solve Common Problems

Aside from the potential noise issues, we can also solve a variety of other home or studio audio problems with acoustic treatments.

  • Excess Ambience
  • Too Much Bass Or Too Little
  • Echoes In Sound
  • Poor Stereo Imaging And Localization
  • Movie Dialog Clarity
  • Muddy Sounding Audio
  • Low Frequencies In Smaller Rooms

Is the sound from your sound system sounding muddy or echoing? What about the dialogue? Is it hard to understand? We have you covered. We will test your system and identify any problems, and then correct them for you. We can adjust the room tuning and make everything sound perfect. It can sometimes be tempting to try to fix home audio issues on your own, but calling the acoustic treatment professionals at Show and Tell AV Solutions gives you the best chance of your project turning out perfectly the first time every time.

Other Acoustic Treatment Services

Acoustic Treatments For StudiosMaybe you aren’t having any problems with your theater or home studio systems, but you would like to improve your setup. We offer home audio acoustic treatments and room tuning to maximize the sound in the room and enhance your audio and video experiences.

We also improve the experience for everyone involved by using sound proof insulation to block the sound and keep it where you want it. Let us find the perfect soundproofing solution for your home or commercial studio. Our professional technicians are familiar with a wide variety of acoustic setups. Leave the troubleshooting and fine tuning to the experts.

Acoustic Treatments In Salt Lake City

The whole reason for having a home theater or studio is to make every movie or music experience exceptional. That’s difficult to do without the proper equipment and installation. At Show and Tell AV Solutions, we offer the latest technology and greatest quality when it comes to audio/video installation. Whether you’re looking to fix problems you might be having, install a whole new system, or anything in between, Show and Tell AV Solutions is the best choice in the Salt Lake City, UT, area. Contact us today.