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AI Voice Control: Revolutionizing the Smart Home

A man reads a magazine on a chaise; a wall-mounted  Josh.ai voice control microphone is in the background.

Ushering in a New Era of Intelligent Living

Voice control is not new, whether in your home, smartphone, or car. However, the common denominator across all voice recognition systems is artificial intelligence (AI). AI is what powers sophisticated voice control systems like Josh.ai for smart homes, and now generative AI—as popularized by ChatGPT and other platforms—promises to usher in an era of smarter living. This blog is the first of a two-part series taking a closer look at Josh.ai and how the new JoshGPT capabilities will transform AI voice control for smart homes in Park City, UT.

A Day in the Life with JoshGPT


Intuitive AI Voice Control for the Smart Home

Park City has its fair share of luxurious homes that push the boundaries of architecture and interior design, balanced with respect for the beautiful natural environment in Utah. Part and parcel of a luxurious lifestyle is a home that is convenient, easily manages complexity, and offers pleasurable experiences at every turn. That’s where Josh.ai AI and JoshGPT can take those experiences to the next level, with AI voice control for smart homes that enriches your lifestyle like never before. Let's explore how a typical day might look with JoshGPT at your side.

Unseen Power: The First Architectural Home Theater Subwoofer from SVS

Close-up of an in-wall home theater subwoofer discreetly hidden in the corner of the room.

Bass Outside the Box

Almost everyone loves bass, whether it's in current pop music that often plumbs the low octaves or the incredible action soundtracks of modern movies. While some high-end speakers can deliver excellent bass performance, a subwoofer (frequently more than one) is essential for a home theater. In this blog, we'll recap what a home theater subwoofer brings to the cinema experience in Park City, UT, and introduce an exciting new product from SVS, a renowned subwoofer brand. Ready? Please keep reading!

Tailoring Your Home Theater Experience with Fortress Seating

Luxury home theater with blue accented seating in a Park City home.

Personalizing Comfort and Style With Home Theater Furniture 

Expanding on our initial exploration of Fortress Seating's unparalleled quality and customization for home theaters, this sequel delves into how you can further personalize your media seating to achieve your dream entertainment space in Park City, UT. Whether envisioning a cinematic paradise or a vibrant sports hub, comfort tailored to your unique style is paramount. Join us as we navigate through the myriad of home theater furniture options Fortress Seating offers, ensuring your entertainment space is not just comfortable but a true reflection of your personal aesthetic.

Fortress Motorized Seating: The Ultimate Home Theater Luxury


The Intersection of Comfort and Technology

In the final part of our luxury home theater seating series, we're shining a spotlight on the unique technology of Fortress motorized seating. While it may not be the kind of high-tech you'd find in a spaceship, these technical features are designed to enhance comfort and usability, elevating your entertainment experience to new heights. From motorized memory adjustments to retractable modules for touchscreens, Fortress technology is the epitome of luxury for your Park City, UT, home cinema. Read on to discover the myriad options available for Fortress motorized seating.

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