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What Is a Career as an AV Technician Like?

An AV technician is installing a security camera in the ceiling of a Salt Lake City office.

A Look at Careers in the Technology Integration Field

Over the past few years, you likely ran across many articles in the media and business press about how hard it was to hire people. The hiring difficulty spanned many industries, from difficulty finding help in service fields in the wake of the pandemic to the challenges in hiring for specialized areas like chip design and AI software development.

As a technology integrator, we haven't been immune to the challenges of finding the right people. In this blog, we're going to take a slightly different approach than our typical posts; instead of describing a service or solution we offer, we're going to delve into what types of roles we hire. If you're a client or a potential, we hope it will help you better understand the value of hiring a professional integrator. If you are interested in a career in the technology integration industry, even better—we're always looking for great people! Read on to learn more about careers as an AV technician or other types of roles in this field in Salt Lake City. 

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5 Things to Consider Before You Design Your Home Theater

A custom-designed home theater in a Utah home with a projector, large screen, and plush sofa seating.

Crafting the Ideal Cinematic Experience for Your Space

What’s one of the best ways to enjoy the comforts of your Salt Lake City home? Your very own home cinema is the perfect way to settle in with family and friends to enjoy a wide world of entertainment, from blockbuster movies to Netflix binges to Utah Jazz games on the big screen. If you are remodeling an older home or building a new one and adding a home theater system, you might think you just need to designate the room for your new entertainment hub. Unfortunately, there’s much more to planning a good home theater design

In fact, before the design or construction of the room begins, there are five things you need to consider. Please keep reading below! 

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The TV as Art: Blending Aesthetics with Technology

20230908-171223SHTEAV_GLOW_AUGUST_GLOWBlog2_ArtTV_SaltLakeCityUT_PHOTO A Samsung Frame TV looks like art hanging on a wall in a modern living space.

Integrating AV Technology Like an Interior Designer

For some homeowners, every detail in their home has to be just right. Perhaps that becomes even more critical when planning the dream home they've always desired, the one where nothing is a compromise. If you're one of those people designing a new home, whether it's totally new or a down-to-the-studs remodel, your technology must also be well integrated. That's where an "art TV” comes in. What is it? It’s a TV, like the Samsung Frame, which does its best to look like a piece of art when turned off instead of a lifeless black slab on the wall. And while the TV is a wonder of technology hiding in plain sight, some planning is needed to achieve the best results. We explain below. 

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Why It’s Critical to Plan Ahead for Recessed Lighting Installation

A modern Utah kitchen illuminated with Ketra tunable recessed lighting.

Creating the Blueprint for the Perfect Lighting Plan

So you're building your dream retirement or second home in Park City, nestled amidst the serenity of the Wasatch Mountains, reflecting your unique style and preferences. While you've meticulously chosen the design, materials, colors, and finishes, one element can elevate your home's ambiance to another level: lighting. 

Recessed lighting, in particular, isn't just a functional necessity; it's an art, a statement, and a mood-setter. And it's not something you should leave to a standard lighting plan. You can fully customize this critical aspect of your dream home, but you have to plan ahead—ideally, as you finalize your architectural plans. Here's why you should call a recessed lighting installation expert early on your new home journey.

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Give Your Home a Well-Deserved Lighting Upgrade

A modern renovated Utah kitchen with upgraded ceiling lighting.

Replace the Inexpensive Cans with Efficient and Flexible LED Downlights

Older homes in Salt Lake City certainly have their charms. They often have features and touches you can't find in modern designs and constructions. One area that may lack that charm, however, is the lighting. Depending on the age of the home, if it has ceiling downlighting, it's likely to be of the inexpensive "can" variety that you can find at any Utah Home Depot. Even newer homes in just the past ten years often have this lighting, often coupled with somewhat efficient but maddening CFL bulbs. 

However, there is an easy way to replace this older lighting with higher performance, efficient, and long-lasting LED lighting upgrades. Read on below to learn more!

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