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Four Unique Ways to Use Motorized Shades and Window Treatments


Motorized Drapes

While the term most applied to motorized window treatments is “shades," the styles available go far beyond these. Roller shades may very well be the most popular powered style, but there are many more to choose from. Are you more into the elegance of drapes? You can motorize those, too. Lutron, a leader in lighting control and motorized shading, offers powered drapery track systems that work for large windows and even heavy drapes. Heavy drapes can be a chore to open and close manually, so power makes them much more convenient to let the light in when you want it and keep it out when you don’t. Styles include classic pinch pleat and ripplefold, and there’s even an innovative vertical system that can lift drapes up instead of opening horizontally to expose Bountiful, Utah’s beautiful views.

Blackout Shades

Blackout shades and drapes are popular for bedrooms and living areas or game rooms that double as home theaters. Did you know you can have double motorized shades for those rooms? When you need darkness to sleep at night or watch a movie, you can lower both the blackout shade and the decorative one. For daytime, you can filter the sun with your decorative shade only while the blackout layer is rolled up. With a wide choice of light-filtering fabrics that can fit the sun exposure for your room, you can have the perfect solution for fully utilizing natural light and having a dark room when you need it. With smart home automation, you can use schedules, sensors, and all manner of controls to position your shades exactly how you want them throughout the day.

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Insulating Shades

Utah has a wide range of weather, from cold winters to fairly hot summers. If you want to give your HVAC system and your wallet a bit of a break, honeycomb shades are an excellent option for their insulating qualities. Their cell design traps warm air inside in the winter from escaping through windows and keeps your air-conditioned interiors cooler in summer. When you want to fully enjoy the view, just press a button to raise your shades and enjoy a sunset or let in warming sun on a cold winter day. Going green has never been easier.

Tensioned and Cable Guided Shades

There are some windows that you might think are hard to manage. Consider a clerestory window or skylight that lets you enjoy the light, but for two hours of every day in a season creates too much glare from the sun streaming in. Powered tensioned shades can come to the rescue. The tensioned design can handle even fully horizontal applications, and you can open and close the shade when you want or on a schedule. For angled applications, cable-guided shades keep a shade perfectly in line with the window angle. Cable-guided shades also work well where shades might be moved by airflow from ceiling fans or open windows and doors.

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What’s the Best Way to Operate Your Motorized Blinds and Shades?


Personalized Schedules

Do you open and close certain window treatments at the same time each day? Let them adjust on their own by setting them to a personalized schedule. Shades in the bedrooms, kitchen, and living room could open at 7:00 am, lower to 50% in the afternoon, and close at 7:00 pm, giving you more time back in your day. Change times, add or remove rooms, and more with ease. You can also schedule your shades to open and close with the sunrise and sunset, and they’ll adjust with the changing seasons.

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Temperature and Light Sensors

Convenience and energy efficiency come together when you integrate sensors with your motorized shades. If a room gets too warm, temperature sensors can trigger window treatments to close so that your HVAC system doesn’t work overtime. This solution is ideal for west-facing windows that let in ample natural light to brighten your spaces but can quickly heat a room if left open for too long.

If you like to take advantage of natural light to brighten your Salt Lake City home, then consider light sensors, which adjust your shades based on the levels of natural light in a space. Daylight is the best light for wellness and aesthetics, and light sensors paired with automated shades will ensure your home always has the perfect amount.

Voice Commands

The window treatments in your kitchen might be drawn to let in natural light, but what if there’s a glare on your phone as you read a recipe? Just tell your voice control assistant to lower the kitchen shades to 50%. Hands-free operation is at your fingertips when you integrate your blinds and shades with voice control platforms like Amazon Alexa and Google Home. Whether you’re lying on the couch or have your hands full, voice control is a convenient option to adjust shades in one or several rooms on a whim.

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5 Frequently Asked Questions About Motorized Shades – Answered!


Make the Best Motorized Shading Decisions for Your Home

Hand cranks were the standard for operating car windows until we upgraded to automatic buttons. We used to wash dishes by hand until the time-and-water-saving dishwasher was invented. Would you go back to cranks and hand washing now? Probably not. And after you experience powered window treatments, you won’t want to go back to manual blinds and shades either.

If you’re considering making the upgrade to motorized shades, this blog can serve as a quick guide to help you make the best decisions for your home. Our motorized shading experts have answered the most common questions about this smart home solution below. Keep reading to learn more!

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Master Natural Light in Your Home with Motorized Shades


QMotion Automated Shades Manage Light, Beautifully

Your first thought about motorized shading might be about convenience. After all, what’s more convenient than pushing a button and having your window shade go up or down?  One of the beauties of adding automation to a straightforward function is what you can do with it in concert with other automation. That’s when you start reaping the benefits of smart home control.

Have you heard the term “daylight harvesting?” Just as it sounds, it's about making the most of natural light. Fortunately, in Salt Lake City and the Utah Wasatch mountains, sunshine is abundant. Motorized shades can help you make the most of natural light in any season, saving energy, increasing comfort, and enhancing your interiors. Keep reading to learn how to master natural light in your home.

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Four Reasons Motorized Shades Are a Smart Investment


It’s Not All About Convenience

You might remember a few things that weren't as easy as they are today if you are of a certain age. Automobiles are a great example. Did you learn to drive with a manual transmission? Do you remember the thrill of learning to launch the car on a hill with the clutch and try not to go backward? Or how about a car without power steering? No need for weight training if you learned to parallel park muscling a heavy steering wheel.

When we talk about motorized shades, your first thought might be, "why do they need motors?" In cars, we've gone far beyond those manual days toward machines that almost drive themselves. There are many good reasons why adding power to motorized shades goes beyond the convenience factor, although it's hard to deny the convenience.

In this blog, we'll continue to make the case why motorized shades are an excellent investment for your Bountiful, UT home. Keep reading, and don't be surprised when one day, manual windows shades will be as rare as manual steering is in cars today. 

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