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4 Ways to Transform Your Home with Ketra Tunable Lighting by Lutron


In our last blog, we introduced Lutron, the pioneer of lighting control systems. Now part of the Lutron portfolio is Ketra, a leader in tunable LED solutions that bring lighting personalization to the home. Below, learn how to transform your home with Ketra tunable LEDs + Lutron lighting control.

1. Blur the Boundaries Between Indoors and Outdoors

Enjoy the perfect light at any time with dynamic LEDs that simulate daylight. Remember the evolving hues and intensity of the sun that we described earlier? Ketra tunable light fixtures can bring that same experience into the home by mimicking the color temperature and brightness of natural light from morning to night. You’ll feel more connected to nature, more focused during the day, and more relaxed at night—even if you forget to step outside into the natural light of Bountiful, UT at all.

2. Set the Scene for Cocktail Hour

When you envision an evening at your favorite cocktail bar, what does the lighting look like? It’s probably low and warm to help create a comfortable and intimate atmosphere. With Ketra lighting at home, you can recreate the same ambiance with ease. Keep kitchen and dining room lights bright and at a warm-white temperature as you prepare for cocktail hour. Then as guests arrive, dim and warm your lights to set the mood for a cozy evening with friends.

3. Become a Master Entertainer with Striking Colors

Ketra gifts you with a full spectrum of whites and colors from a single light source—17 million shades, to be exact. When it comes to experimenting with light colors, the sky is the limit! Create personalized color palettes for holiday gatherings, game-watching events, weekend parties, and other occasions. Find your favorite shades in a sea of saturated colors and pastels, which never degrade over time, thanks to Ketra’s Color Lock technology.

4. Dial in the Perfect Light with Speed and Precision

Ketra paired with a Lutron HomeWorks control system puts even more power and personalization at your fingertips. Create custom light scenes for entertaining, working, dining, and more, and activate them instantly from a customized wall keypad. When you want to tweak the color or intensity of one or several light fixtures, you can quickly make adjustments using the Lutron Connect app.

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Lutron: Get to Know the World Leader in Home Lighting Control


Illuminate Every Space Just Right

Lutron offers light products for any space or budget—from single-room apartments to palatial estates. Start small in a few rooms or incorporate smart lighting control everywhere in the home. Wired and wireless dimmers, switches, and custom-configurable keypads replace your standard light switches to make managing your lighting in one, multiple, or all rooms as easy as pressing a button.

Lutron systems grow with you, too. If you begin by adding smart lighting capability to the kitchen and bedrooms but decide to expand to the home theater and patio later, you can! Lutron control systems can support one to 10,000 integrated devices, depending on the system that’s right for you.

Lutron lighting isn’t just smart; it’s beautiful and nourishing. Experience tunable LED lighting that shifts color temperature and intensity throughout the day to bring the benefits of natural light inside your Park City, UT home. Play with a near-infinite palette of light colors to set the mood and elevate your home décor.

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Dress Your Interiors with Elegant Shades and Controls

At the touch of a button or through personalized schedules, Lutron motorized window treatments quietly and uniformly fill your home with energizing sunlight by day, then promptly give you privacy when you need it. Choose from various styles and fabrics to coordinate with your unique interior design.

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4 Convenient Ways to Control Your Smart Lighting System


Control4 and Lutron Offer Easy, Versatile Approaches for Commanding Your Lights

In our last blog, we introduced the benefits of smart lighting control and discussed the different types of lighting system designs that our teaminstalls for homes of all ages and sizes in the Salt Lake City area. In this blog, we’re diving into the fun stuff: controlling your lights! 

Lighting control systems from leading manufacturers like Control4 and Lutron are truly designed with you in mind. They offer various control options that fit different situations and preferences so that managing your home lighting is always convenient and intuitive. For example, a mobile app may be ideal when you’re in the backyard, while voice control may be best when you’re cooking dinner.

Keep reading to learn four convenient ways you can control your Control4 or Lutron lighting system.

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