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The Advancements in Control4’s Next-Generation Controllers

 A home with an on-wall Control4 touchscreen and a Control4 platform displayed on the bedroom’s flatscreen TV

The CORE Series Processors Offer Faster Speed and Better Performance

In this, the second of our three-part series on the latest Control4 upgrades, we’re going to take a deep dive into the Control4 Controllers—the brain of your smart home. When Control4 came out with their OS 3.3.0 software upgrade in 2022, they also came out with the new CORE series processors—the CORE 1, CORE 3, and CORE 5 Controllers. 

CORE 1 is the basic, entry-level controller and has the power to control a single room. It includes wireless Zigbee control for smart locks, lights, thermostats, and more. CORE 3 takes it up a notch and can control a smaller townhome or large garage. 

Core 5 is the powerhouse and Control4’s main controller for an entire home. It offers numerous improvements, including speed and performance. So let's explore what this next-generation controller offers homeowners in Park City, UT and the surrounding areas. 

Core 5—The Ultimate Smart Home Controller

CORE 5 has the processing power to manage a 10,000-square-foot home, controlling all of your connected devices. It offers the ultimate experience in Control4 home automation and can deliver the performance and speed needed for Control4’s beautifully designed and simple-to-use interactive on-screen menu. With one touch, users have instantaneous control of their lighting, climate, audio, video, and security systems, including video surveillance monitoring.

In addition to controlling hundreds of smart devices, it also automates complex systems like audio-video distribution, the climate in multiple zones, interior and exterior lighting, and all-important security. Furthermore, the 4K on-screen menu offers effortless control of your entertainment sources and scene selection.

For those unfamiliar with a Control4 smart home, preset scenes allow users to manage multiple systems with one touch. For example, we may program an "Away" button that our clients press on an in-wall keypad as they leave their homes. This activates a sequence of events, including turning the lights off, adjusting the temperature, locking the doors, and arming the alarm. 

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Experience Smart Home Living at Its Best with Control4

A living room with in-ceiling speakers and the Control4 operating system displayed on the TV screen.

The Control4 Smart Home Is Improved Again with the Upgraded OS 3.3.0 Operating System

Control4 has long been a leader in smart home automation systems. Several reasons for its popularity include ease of use, integration with nearly every smart device on the market, and its continual advancements. These are just a few of the many reasons we, at Show & Tell AV Solutions, are an Authorized Diamond Control4 dealer who proudly serves Salt Lake City, UT and the surrounding areas. 

In this, our first in a three-part series on the latest Control4 system upgrade, we’ll offer an overall look at what homeowners can expect from the newest release before diving into the specifics in our following posts.

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Experience the Power of a Josh.ai and Control4 Partnership


Seamless Voice-Assisted Home Automation Makes Managing Your Home Effortless

We recently shared our excitement about Control4's expanded partnership and exclusive distribution agreement with Josh.ai. Why our excitement? Because this agreement takes smart home management to the next level, delivering unprecedented ease of use.

As a Control4 dealer, we understand effortless smart home control. Now, instead of a tap on an in-wall keypad or a swipe on a touchscreen, all you have to do is ask. So let's take a look at just what this partnership means to your lifestyle and to homeowners in Salt Lake City, UT, and the surrounding areas. 

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