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How Windows Shades Bring Beauty, Elegance, and Ease of Living


Learn About the Latest Innovations in Wireless Motorized Blinds and Shades

In this, our first in a series of smart window coverings and lighting, we’d like to share our experience with motorized blinds and shades. It’s a smart home technology that has truly transformed throughout the years – from hardwired solutions to battery-powered wireless options and from one-touch control to blinds that automatically adjust to the changing sun.

Show & Tell AV Solutions in Salt Lake City, UT, partners with the best-in-class brands to bring our clients cutting-edge technologies. In the world of window coverings, those brands are Lutron and Smart Innovations. Let’s explore what they’ve been up to.

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Beyond Convenience: How Motorized Blinds Help Save Energy


Go Green in Comfort and Style Year Round

Some years ago, power windows were a feature found only on luxury cars. Today, you’d be hard-pressed to find any production automobile that has the old style manual windows. You might think that motorized shades are somewhat of a non-essential luxury, but once you think through all the practical aspects, you will see why the benefits of motorized shades go far beyond the convenience factor - and we think they’ll be as prevalent as power windows in cars someday.

Perhaps the most important benefit of motorized blinds and shades is the energy efficiency they can bring to your Salt Lake City, UT, home. Let’s explore some scenarios to see how that happens.

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What’s the Best Way to Operate Your Motorized Blinds and Shades?


Personalized Schedules

Do you open and close certain window treatments at the same time each day? Let them adjust on their own by setting them to a personalized schedule. Shades in the bedrooms, kitchen, and living room could open at 7:00 am, lower to 50% in the afternoon, and close at 7:00 pm, giving you more time back in your day. Change times, add or remove rooms, and more with ease. You can also schedule your shades to open and close with the sunrise and sunset, and they’ll adjust with the changing seasons.

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Temperature and Light Sensors

Convenience and energy efficiency come together when you integrate sensors with your motorized shades. If a room gets too warm, temperature sensors can trigger window treatments to close so that your HVAC system doesn’t work overtime. This solution is ideal for west-facing windows that let in ample natural light to brighten your spaces but can quickly heat a room if left open for too long.

If you like to take advantage of natural light to brighten your Salt Lake City home, then consider light sensors, which adjust your shades based on the levels of natural light in a space. Daylight is the best light for wellness and aesthetics, and light sensors paired with automated shades will ensure your home always has the perfect amount.

Voice Commands

The window treatments in your kitchen might be drawn to let in natural light, but what if there’s a glare on your phone as you read a recipe? Just tell your voice control assistant to lower the kitchen shades to 50%. Hands-free operation is at your fingertips when you integrate your blinds and shades with voice control platforms like Amazon Alexa and Google Home. Whether you’re lying on the couch or have your hands full, voice control is a convenient option to adjust shades in one or several rooms on a whim.

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