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The TV as Art: Blending Aesthetics with Technology

20230908-171223SHTEAV_GLOW_AUGUST_GLOWBlog2_ArtTV_SaltLakeCityUT_PHOTO A Samsung Frame TV looks like art hanging on a wall in a modern living space.

Integrating AV Technology Like an Interior Designer

For some homeowners, every detail in their home has to be just right. Perhaps that becomes even more critical when planning the dream home they've always desired, the one where nothing is a compromise. If you're one of those people designing a new home, whether it's totally new or a down-to-the-studs remodel, your technology must also be well integrated. That's where an "art TV” comes in. What is it? It’s a TV, like the Samsung Frame, which does its best to look like a piece of art when turned off instead of a lifeless black slab on the wall. And while the TV is a wonder of technology hiding in plain sight, some planning is needed to achieve the best results. We explain below. 

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