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How to Get Commercial Quality Wi-Fi in Your Home Network Installation

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Hint: It’s Not about Your Router

This blog is the third installment this month of our three-part series on home networks and connectivity. In the first, we discussed how popular consumer solutions like mesh networks and routers might not be the panacea that the marketing might imply. In the second part, we talked about our approach to connection speed and stability, particularly through the judiciousness of cabling and commercial-level components. 

In this last installment, we'll talk about Wi-Fi performance and how to maximize it in your Park City, UT home. Wi-Fi is the first thing practically anyone notices if it's slow, won't connect, or drops. Unlike some, we look at Wi-Fi as "last mile" connectivity. Not the last mile in terms of the internet connection into your home, but the last resort for connections. As we noted in the second part of this series, if it can be connected by cable, we do it. You'll get more stable connections, better speeds, and decrease the load on the devices that really need Wi-Fi, improving overall network performance. 

So, how do we do Wi-FI for home network installations? Keep reading below!

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Separate Components

If you are familiar with audio, you might know that audiophiles who demand high performance prefer separate components versus all-in-one systems. For example, it might be a separate phono amp for a turntable and separate preamp and amplifiers for a two-channel hi-fi setup. Typical home network solutions package everything into the router, including a switch for wired connections, Wi-Fi radios for wireless networking, and router and firewall software. Much like in audio, separating these components into better individual ones can yield higher performance. Also, similar to audio, you tend to find these separates as higher-end, pro-level equipment. 

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