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Home Automation Systems: Does the Remote Still Matter?

The new Control4 Halo remote control in a man’s hand.

Control4’s New Halo Remotes Are the Best of Both Control Worlds

Is the world obsessed with touchscreens? Maybe slightly, based on how often we use our smartphones for just about everything. Even automobile infotainment systems are all going for touchscreen control, with bigger screens in every generation. Does that mean remote controls with actual buttons are dead? 

Control4, the longtime industry leader and innovator in home automation systems, emphatically says, “No!” No slouch when it comes to making excellent touchscreen controls for smart homes, Control4’s new Halo remotes bring the best of touch control with good old-fashioned buttons that feel great in the hand. Learn more about the Halo remotes below to see if they’re right for your Salt Lake City, UT, smart home!

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