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The Next Generation in Home Lighting Control

A modern Utah house at dusk equipped with Lutron home lighting control.

Lutron’s RadioRA 3 Is a Big Step Forward in Lighting Control

Lutron is a world leader in lighting control solutions and an acknowledged innovator in lighting. Unlike in other industries, professional lighting control solutions aren't fully revamped every year. Indeed, the predecessor to Lutron RadioRA 3, RadioRA 2, was around for over a decade and was the go-to home lighting control solution for professional integrators for many years. 

RadioRA 2 was a rock-solid solution designed to be easy to integrate as a retrofit into existing homes with minimal rewiring. In upgrading to RadioRA 3, Lutron doubled down on ease of installation, made it even more scalable, and added improved, modern software integration to play even better with the best home automation platforms. Read on to learn more about one of the best and most flexible lighting solutions for your Park City, UT, home. 

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How Lighting Control and the Right Ambient Lighting Elevate Your Home

Modern kitchen in a Park City home with custom lighting and control.

Ambient Lighting is the First Step in Home Illumination

Lighting is essential for function and utility in your home. But badly designed lighting will detract, while well-designed lighting can make even a mundane home dramatic. Your Park City, UT home is anything but ordinary, so imagine what it would look like with a great lighting plan. 

This month, we'll focus our blogs on how you can improve your home with the power of light. From good lighting design to home lighting control, the right light, properly applied and managed, can transform the way you live and enjoy your spaces. In the first of this three-part series, we'll discuss the latest options for ambient lighting, the first leg of the lighting design tripod. Ready to learn more? Please keep reading below!

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3 Fixtures You Can Add to Your Home Lighting Control System


Illuminate, Showcase, and Highlight with Intelligently Designed Lighting

Ambient, task, and accent lighting are the three main types that come together to illuminate your beautiful Park City-area home. If you’re missing one, you may find yourself squinting unnecessarily at your TV screen due to glare, or maybe you have to bring your book closer to your face because the lights are too dim. Lighting serves an inherently functional purpose, but it can also add to the style of your Utah property! Keep reading to learn a few different fixtures you can incorporate into your home lighting control system

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