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The Next Generation in Home Lighting Control

A modern Utah house at dusk equipped with Lutron home lighting control.

Lutron’s RadioRA 3 Is a Big Step Forward in Lighting Control

Lutron is a world leader in lighting control solutions and an acknowledged innovator in lighting. Unlike in other industries, professional lighting control solutions aren't fully revamped every year. Indeed, the predecessor to Lutron RadioRA 3, RadioRA 2, was around for over a decade and was the go-to home lighting control solution for professional integrators for many years. 

RadioRA 2 was a rock-solid solution designed to be easy to integrate as a retrofit into existing homes with minimal rewiring. In upgrading to RadioRA 3, Lutron doubled down on ease of installation, made it even more scalable, and added improved, modern software integration to play even better with the best home automation platforms. Read on to learn more about one of the best and most flexible lighting solutions for your Park City, UT, home. 

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Flexible Installation

RadioRA 3 takes advantage of today’s more powerful processors and more compact packaging technology. The new control box needs just one cable to connect, an ethernet cable that provides power and network connectivity to the brains of the system. That gives in tremendous installation flexibility, and professional integrators like us typically choose locations that will work best for the wireless connections to the elegant wall keypad lighting controls. As before, the system uses Lutron’s proprietary and well-proven ClearConnect radio frequency system, a robust solution that doesn’t depend on Wi-Fi signals and provides lightning-fast response - just what you expect in a light switch. 

Modern Cloud Software Integration

Lutron has always focused on integrating with other home automation systems, but it wasn't as standardized as today's software-based interfaces. Lutron has developed a new LEAP software  API that enables many systems to connect over the internet to control the Radio RA system. That means other systems can coordinate Lutron lighting and motorized shading systems in the home along with entertainment, security, and other smart home functions. This new interface allows deeper integration with popular home and voice control systems like Alexa and Josh.ai.

More Scalability, Backward Compatibility

The new, more powerful processor in RadioRA 3 enables it to control more devices. The new systems can support the newer Sunnata RF devices as well as older Radio RA devices, up to 200 of each. That adds up to a system that can control many lights and window shades in larger homes. Plus, multiple processors can be used within the same system, extending wireless range even further than before to work in larger homes. 

New Sunnata Controls

The new Sunatta controls are a study of elegance and simplicity. A contemporary light bar is used for a new range of switches, keypads, and capacitive touch dimmers. The adjustable light bar can be brighter or dimmer according to your preferences, making it easy to find the control in a dark room. Available in 24 colors and styles similar to popular Decora switches, the styles fit easily in decors from modern to traditional. 

Lutron's RadioRA 3 is the perfect solution for adding full-featured lighting control and automation to your home. Get started on your project by contacting Show & Tell AV Solutions, a Lutron Gold Certified dealer, today. We would love to work with you!

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