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Modernize Your Meeting Spaces with ClearOne AV Solutions


Integrate Clear Audio and Video Into Any Workspace

Today’s business moves fast. Communication and collaboration technology has ratcheted up the speed, ease, and efficiency of sharing information and getting things done. What’s more, the technology is everywhere, as armies of remote workers are intimately familiar with Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Google Workspace, and other solutions that bring together integrated audio and video communication with collaboration tools to hasten the pace of work. 

As your staff returns to the office or works in a hybrid model, your meeting room tech needs to keep up. Grainy video and garbled audio make for unproductive meetings and projects. Fortunately, new, cloud-connected solutions can upgrade your meeting spaces. Show and Tell AV Solutions offers full audio-video integration services to modernize your meeting space for today’s work models. Keep reading below to learn more about ClearOne AV solutions for your workspace in Park City, UT, or the surrounding areas. 

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How to Integrate Audio, Video, and Everything Else with Control4


Let Control Orchestrate Your Smart Home

While you are undoubtedly familiar with many of today's smart devices, do you ever wonder how home automation started? It began with audio and video systems control. Back in the 1990s, we had many single-purpose devices - VCRs, DVD players, CD players, turntables, TVs, projectors, etc. Getting all those to work together usually led to picking up and deciphering many button-festooned remote controls. 

Brave souls would purchase and program universal remotes, but even those could be very frustrating affairs. Many people in Salt Lake City turned to professionals like us to install systems that would actually work, ones that could understand that a device was on or off and could execute your wishes reliably. From there, other controls could be added to manage lights, motorized window treatments, and other accouterments of modern home theaters and living areas.

Today, not only are there a myriad of smart home DIY devices for many functions, but there are also full-fledged smart home control platforms like Control4 for not only audio-video integration but a host of other smart home functions too.  

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