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Create the Ultimate Home Theater Experience with High-End Audio


M&K Sound Offers the Perfect Solution for Your Dedicated Home Theater

We recently introduced the amazing world of M&K Sound. Today, we’d like to dive into how we use their products to design and integrate high-end audio systems into incredible, dedicated home theaters. 

Thanks to M&K Sound and their collaboration with Dolby Laboratories, the movie soundtrack envelops the listener and draws them into the story, making them part of the experience. M&K has been on the frontlines of surround sound since its inception, developing the first home theaters for producers and directors and leading the industry.

Now, we can use their incredible sound systems to transform our client’s home theater experience into one that surpasses the best cinemas in the Park City, UT area.

Let’s see how it’s done! 

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High-End Audio, Part 3: Amplifiers To Make Your Speakers Sing


Bring Out All the Emotion and Nuance in Music with McIntosh Amplifiers

This is the third of a series of blogs on one of our favorite solutionshigh-end audio. In the first two, we’ve gone from discussing the endpoint – the speakers that create the sound – to the sources, like streaming, vinyl, and CDs. In this final installment, we’re going to go into the middle – the amplifier, the piece of equipment that creates the current to drive the speaker.

Power amplifiers are what make speakers come alive. Speakers are not all the same, and some amplifiers make far better partners for some speakers than others. Some speakers are relatively efficient, requiring smaller amounts of current to achieve high sound levels and clarity, and some only sound their best with copious quantities of undistorted power. 

One of our favorite amplifier brands is McIntosh. The company’s amplifiers are legendary, having powered the famous Woodstock concert of the late 1960s. Their build quality and longevity let them be passed down from one generation to the next, like a classic vintage automobile. Let’s dive a little deeper into McIntosh amplifiers and how they can amp up the sound system in your listening room.

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Freestanding vs. Architectural Surround Sound Speakers


When You Might Choose Freestanding Speakers

You’re Adding Speakers to an Existing Room

One of the key differences between freestanding and architectural speakers is installation. Freestanding speakers, whether bookshelf or tower, don’t require opening walls. If you’re upgrading an existing room and don’t want to tear into walls for built-in speakers, then choose freestanding instead.

You Prefer to Showcase Your Audio Gear

Whether you’re upgrading an existing room or building from scratch, you might still choose freestanding speakers if you love the aesthetic appeal that they add to your home theater. After all, many high-end tower and bookshelf speakers today are works of art! Still, keep in mind that large speakers—especially those placed on either side of your display—could distract viewers from the screen.

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