Why We Love 2-Channel for Home Sound Systems


Plus, Explore Some of Our Favorite High-End Audio Brands

Thanks to the internet, we need never be without music. Millions of songs live in our pockets, waiting to be played. In fact, music enthusiasts today might hail the internet for making quality music so easy to access, especially as more streaming services offer lossless high-fidelity audio formats.

Even so, no musical experience compares to that of a live concert. Whether you’re head-banging to the Foo Fighters or being serenaded by the Utah Symphony, live music truly immerses you in the moment. It elicits an emotional response that you can’t get from listening to music through a phone or earbuds.

If you crave the concert experience but enjoy the accessibility of music, then consider a 2-channel home sound system. Keep reading to learn what sets 2-channel audio apart and explore a few of our most cherished audio brands.

Why 2-Channel Audio?

At a live concert, instruments and vocalists are positioned to present a three-dimensional sonic picture. From left to right, we sense the depth and space between us and the musicians and become truly immersed in the moment.

Simply put, a 2-channel speaker system aims to replicate the experience of live music by reproducing sound in multiple dimensions. Just like music comes at you from various directions at a live concert, a 2-channel speaker system creates that same impression of directionality, depth, and space.

The preferred setup of audiophiles, a 2-channel speaker system offers a massively better listening experience at home. When you close your eyes, you feel as though you’re part of the music. You may be physically at home in the Bountiful, UT area, but in your mind, you’re back at the concert hall.

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A Few Audio Brands We Love

A 2-channel system comprises several components, but the speakers arguably have the largest impact on performance. And while great sound doesn’t come cheap, a quality pair of speakers from today’s best audio brands will last you for years. Speaking of audio brands, here are some of our favorites.


Paradigm loudspeakers are backed by science to achieve a level of sonic performance that erases the speaker itself from the experience. What’s left is pure, lifelike audio, unblemished by coloration. Their flagship Persona loudspeaker line features the company’s most advanced technologies and craftsmanship to deliver bold and beautiful sound fit for discerning audiophiles.


Born out of keen curiosity and innovation, KEF loudspeakers are revered around the world for their superior acoustic quality that reproduces recordings as natural as the original performance. From the triumphant MUON flagship loudspeakers to the more democratic Q550 floor-standers, you’ll experience the true tonal character of every instrument and every vocalist you love.


Magnepan loudspeakers are as beautiful to marvel at as they are to listen to. Inspired by the unprecedented clarity of electrostatic speakers, Magnepan ribbon speakers are a thin-film magnetic equivalent that offer tight bass, impeccable sound staging, and impressive detail. Also known for their achievable price point, Magnepan loudspeakers offer the same scale and realism you would experience from the most expensive loudspeakers on the market—at a fraction of the cost.

Truthfully, you can’t lose by selecting a pair of loudspeakers from any of these brands. Your choice will ultimately depend on your preferred music, style inclinations, budget, and room layout. Our audio specialists at Show & Tell AV can help you make the best decision, then set them up for you!

In our next blog, we’ll explore the different audio sources you can enjoy on your 2-channel speaker system, beyond streaming. Stay tuned! In the meantime, you can always contact our team here or send us a message in the chat box below to learn more about our home audio services and solutions.

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