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4 Unique Ways to Use Your Home Surveillance System


A Surveillance System Installation Does More Than Deter Crime

Let’s try an exercise. Ask the next person you see why they think a home surveillance system is important. Now, was their answer “to protect homes from criminal activity” or something of the sort? We’d bet so. This answer is overwhelmingly the number one reason why homeowners believe they should invest in a surveillance system installation, and they’re right to believe so.

According to several studies, surveillance systems help reduce crime by at least 50%. But that’s not all they do. You can wring out so much more from your surveillance system to assist you in several other ways. Read below for four unique ways to maximize the potential of your surveillance system.

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Here Are the 3 Best Locations for Installing Security Cameras


Get the Best Coverage and Protection for Your Property

Modern smart security cameras and systems have revolutionized home protection. Never before have there been so many intelligent security options for keeping an eye on your home and property. From smart cameras to sensors and alarms, you can monitor a myriad of things in your home from anywhere with an internet connection.

As with most things, however, implementation can be everything. When it comes to security camera systems for your home, camera placement can mean the difference between catching a problem in real-time versus finding out about it after it's too late. Below are some tips on the best locations for keeping an eagle eye on your Utah property. 

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How to Choose a Video Surveillance System


Look for These Three Critical Features

How do you go about choosing a video surveillance system for your property? With many devices and ecosystems to choose from on both the professional and DIY sides, it's not a simple proposition. 

No one solution will fit everyone's needs. A high-rise Salt Lake City condominium's surveillance needs will be quite different from those of a Park City mountain chalet. While it's tempting to go with a consumer DIY solution, you should know all the pros and cons.

Show and Tell AV Solutions works with Luma Surveillance for monitoring solutions for various reasons that include stability, privacy, and performance. Keep reading to learn more and see if Luma solutions are right for you.

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3 Features to Look for in Smart Security Systems


Cut Through Hype and Narrow Down What’s Important to You

When it comes to evaluating technology products, you will encounter many technical terms, and often, much-hyped features. The trouble is, technology products tend to have lots of features, and the reality may be that only a few of those will make a difference. As you look into smart security systems, you will find this to be the case.

How do you figure out what’s important to you? If you are primarily concerned with surveillance for your home and property, we’d like to point out three aspects that could make a significant difference for your usage in Bountiful, UT, and surrounding areas.

A veritable host of smart security systems and cameras are available from both large companies and many you have never heard of. Keep reading to learn about critical features that could make the difference for you.

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