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5 Ways Josh.ai Leads in Privacy-Focused Voice Control


Josh.ai Is the Voice Assistant You Can Trust for Your Control4 Smart Home

Control4 homeowners have many options for controlling their smart home, from apps and touchscreens to wall keypads and remotes. An even simpler option is voice control, which Control4 makes possible through integration with voice assistants like Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, and Josh.ai.

Recently, we celebrated the newly expanded partnership between Control4 and Josh.ai, which makes it easier for Control4 homeowners to enjoy Josh.ai’s advanced, natural, and contextually aware voice automation technology no matter how simple or complex their Control4 home automation system.

Still, the most critical feature that makes Josh.ai the best voice assistant for Control4 homeowners is its strong focus on privacy. Below, learn five ways Josh.ai leads in privacy-focused voice control.

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3 Trends in Home Technology to Watch This Year


These Picks Are Expected to Gain Serious Traction in 2021

With trends in home automation and control always on the move, we like to start the beginning of each year with educated predictions of what we believe will take the spotlight over the next 12 months. The pandemic undoubtedly shaped the wants and needs of smart homeowners in 2020, and we don’t expect those opportunities to shift course very much as we enter 2021.

With that said, we believe this year’s home technology trends may already be here. These categories sat on the fringes in 2020, and we expect them to continue their momentum in the coming months to accommodate the wants and needs of homeowners who are figuring out new ways of living well amid the effects of an unprecedented pandemic. Learn about these fast-growing trends below.

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