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What Does a Smart Home System Do for You?

A home automation system touchscreen controller sits on a table in a Salt Lake City home.

Smart Homes Should Enhance Your Lifestyle

Surely you hear about smart this and smart that on a weekly basis. Every new refrigerator seems to need an internet connection to enable smart features, and your thermostat, security camera, lights, speakers, and other devices are now all “smart.” 

So what does that mean? Is it about giving you an app to control that device or appliance remotely? Well, that is part of it. How about controlling it by voice commands? Yes, that’s part of it, too. How about turning things on and off by a schedule? In many cases, that too! So if you can do all that with smart devices, why would you need a smart home system in your Salt Lake City home? That’s what we’re covering today for Utah homeowners. Please keep reading below!

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Optimize Your Smart Home System with Remote Access


Never Leave Your Home Behind with the Control4 App

Many people invest in smart home technology because they can manage devices through apps. Having a smart home system further optimizes your space by placing all your technology—lighting, climate, security, and more—under a single app. Everything lives under one umbrella for easy access—even when you are not home.

Get access to your smart technology even when you are across the globe through our Control4 home automation systems. While on vacation at Salt Lake City’s ski resorts or at the office, you’ll be able to pull up an app on your laptop, tablet or smartphone to make any necessary changes to your home. Read some of the ways this on-the-go feature boosts your security, energy efficiency and comfort.

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