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4 Ways to Transform Your Home with Ketra Tunable Lighting by Lutron


In our last blog, we introduced Lutron, the pioneer of lighting control systems. Now part of the Lutron portfolio is Ketra, a leader in tunable LED solutions that bring lighting personalization to the home. Below, learn how to transform your home with Ketra tunable LEDs + Lutron lighting control.

1. Blur the Boundaries Between Indoors and Outdoors

Enjoy the perfect light at any time with dynamic LEDs that simulate daylight. Remember the evolving hues and intensity of the sun that we described earlier? Ketra tunable light fixtures can bring that same experience into the home by mimicking the color temperature and brightness of natural light from morning to night. You’ll feel more connected to nature, more focused during the day, and more relaxed at night—even if you forget to step outside into the natural light of Bountiful, UT at all.

2. Set the Scene for Cocktail Hour

When you envision an evening at your favorite cocktail bar, what does the lighting look like? It’s probably low and warm to help create a comfortable and intimate atmosphere. With Ketra lighting at home, you can recreate the same ambiance with ease. Keep kitchen and dining room lights bright and at a warm-white temperature as you prepare for cocktail hour. Then as guests arrive, dim and warm your lights to set the mood for a cozy evening with friends.

3. Become a Master Entertainer with Striking Colors

Ketra gifts you with a full spectrum of whites and colors from a single light source—17 million shades, to be exact. When it comes to experimenting with light colors, the sky is the limit! Create personalized color palettes for holiday gatherings, game-watching events, weekend parties, and other occasions. Find your favorite shades in a sea of saturated colors and pastels, which never degrade over time, thanks to Ketra’s Color Lock technology.

4. Dial in the Perfect Light with Speed and Precision

Ketra paired with a Lutron HomeWorks control system puts even more power and personalization at your fingertips. Create custom light scenes for entertaining, working, dining, and more, and activate them instantly from a customized wall keypad. When you want to tweak the color or intensity of one or several light fixtures, you can quickly make adjustments using the Lutron Connect app.

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Love Modern Style? You Will Love Lutron’s Palladiom Motorized Shades


Palladiom Shades

What makes Palladiom shades different? It goes beyond the contemporary colors and fabrics. They’re designed for exposed applications and don't need a fascia, pocket, or recess. Exposed doesn’t mean unsightly, as hand-finished aluminum brackets that match the equally elegant keypads show off the sleek industrial design. Palladiom shading is the epitome of form following function elegantly.

When it comes to function, Lutron excels with superior innovation. Lutron motors are the envy of the industry for power, efficiency, and quiet operation. The company’s patented Hembar Alignment system (available throughout the shading lines) synchronizes shade movement within 1/8 of an inch for perfectly choreographed operation in your Salt Lake City, UT home.

The Palladiom line is an ideal choice for today's industrial, mid-century, and modern styles. With new warm brass finishes and graphite and opal white brackets, they add the perfect modern touch to eclectic interiors.

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Palladiom Wall Controls

Lutron's Palladiom wall stations feature the same attention to detail in industrial design. Made of complementary materials and colors featuring matte, glass, and metal finishes, they add elegance to your walls and consolidate control of multiple functions into one interface. The keypads work with HomeWorks QS, Lutron’s most sophisticated lighting control system. One button can turn on and off lighting throughout your entire property. HomeWorks also integrates control of Lutron motorized shades and smart thermostats. You can create scenes to make them all partner to set the ideal atmosphere for any activity with lights, shading, and temperature control.

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