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These Smart Lighting Innovations Can Transform Your Home


It’s Time to See Your Home in a Different Light

Do you pay much attention to your home's lighting? Most people don't, other than to have enough of it. Yet lighting can significantly affect our energy levels and mood, except you might not know it until you experience it. Like a thoughtfully lit restaurant can create the ambiance for a leisurely and romantic dinner, your home's lighting can set the stage for everything you do.

Fortunately, lighting has come a long way down the innovation path in the past few years. Two advances have led the way – LED and smart home automation. Combining this dynamic duo of technologies has enabled more creative approaches to smart lighting control in homes in Salt Lake City and the surrounding areas.

Color Your World

We’ve talked before about the wellness benefits of tunable lighting. Tunable lighting refers to LED lights' ability to display a wide range of colors and change the hue of light from cooler to warmer tones for better matching our natural body rhythms. Color can be fun, too. Think of summer graduation parties, with the school colors as the backdrop in lighting. Come college football season (when it returns), a viewing party can be illuminated with color tones from your alma mater or favorite team. While it works well indoors, color can be even more dramatic outdoors. Use color creatively to light your landscape, pool, and water features at night for dazzling effects. 

Layered Lighting

Most spaces benefit from a layered lighting approach. Ambient lighting like overhead lights or cans can provide general illumination, task lighting like lamps provide focused light, while accent lighting adds ambiance and soft decoration for areas that might not get much light like a bookshelf. LED lighting is far more efficient than other technologies, generating less heat for the lumens it provides. It allows for more creative and space-efficient lighting as well. Consider LED light strips for bright under-cabinet lights for both task lighting (the counter) and as an accent with dimming capability. In hallways, you can have unobtrusive spotlights highlighting favorite artwork. LED lights can dim to 1% of their output, so these beautiful accent lights also double as uber-efficient night lights for kitchens, hallways, and other areas of your home. 

Control it All Intelligently

Smart lighting automation makes managing all your lighting a snap. You can do away with banks of switches if you like, but still retain individual control of every light. How? Several ways. You can replace multiple switches with attractive customized wall keypads that are programmed to create a scene. For example, your kitchen can have a breakfast scene that blends the morning’s natural light with task lighting, a bright cooking scene for making dinner, and another for the evening supper. Your family room might have a scene for conversation, another for relaxed reading, and one for watching TV and movies. You can activate these via a wall keypad, your smart device, or a dedicated touchscreen. These are just some examples – your creativity is the only limit!


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Show and Tell AV Solutions can show you all the possibilities with today’s smart lighting control solutions. Just give us a call at (801) 444-3200, fill out our contact form, or chat with us below – we look forward to working with you.

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