Elevate Your Home’s Appeal with Outdoor Lighting


Shine a Light on Your Home’s Best Features

We’ve written on these pages before on the effect of light on us. It can energize and relax us, and the right light is necessary to do most of our tasks well. But we'd like to turn to a different side of lighting now, the aesthetic one. Much like in photography, you intuitively know that the right light is essential to get the best image. In the same way, the right light can make a huge difference in the outside appeal of your home.

If you’re not making use of landscape and outdoor lighting for your Salt Lake City, UT home, you miss out on an excellent opportunity to add beauty and appeal to your outdoor spaces without a considerable investment. Ready to see how? Keep reading.

Show Your Best Side

Many people insist on being photographed only from one side or angle. The best photographers know how to use light to show the best features and minimize the rest. Outdoor lighting can do the same for your home. For example, compact wash lights can illuminate beautiful trees or notable external walls, like stone or veneer. Make an outdoor sculpture dramatic with an up light. Upward firing wash lights can add visual height to your house at night. Bullet lights are excellent for highlighting landscape features, like a unique shrub or tree, or to cast a broader view on part of a garden.

Lighting for Safety

Outside lighting not only beautifies, but it adds a safety factor as well. For example, avoid stumbles on steps with step lights. These can be installed in aesthetically pleasing ways on vertical rises or along side walls and rails, depending on the construction.  Niche lights can add visibility to dark pathways in a soft fashion that doesn't make your outdoors too bright at night. These lights are very flexible, able to be embedded in crushed granite paths, wooden decks, or in rustic stone lining a pathway.

Increased Security

It's often said that a well-lit place is a safer place. A properly lit outdoors can deter potential intruders by providing fewer dark places to lurk outside. Path and entry lights can provide just enough lighting to ensure no one has to enter or leave in the dark. If your home has a long driveway and even a gate, strategically installed lighting can light a path to the house and ensure cars don’t accidentally veer off the driveway over a lawn or shrubs.


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These are but a few examples of what you can do with outdoor lighting to add beauty and flair to your home. Show & Tell AV Solutions can guide you through the many outdoor lighting options for all your outside spaces. Get started by setting up a one-on-one consultation with our team. Just give us a call at (801) 444-3200, fill out our contact form, or chat with us below.

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