Spice Up Your Outdoor Spaces with Video

What You Want to Know about Outdoor TV and Video

It’s not uncommon for many homeowners in the Salt Lake City UT area to invest in outdoor sound systems for their outside spaces. Music easily adds mood and ambiance to relaxation in the fresh air. Surprisingly, many people don’t think about the next step - outdoor video. We say TV and movies do not need to be exclusively an inside sport.

As outdoor spaces become more of an extension of home living areas, it’s only natural to consider video entertainment as well as sound. Think about summer family movie nights outdoors, a Netflix guilty pleasure, or catching a favorite team game al fresco. With equipment specifically made for outdoor use, it’s not a difficult proposition. Read on to learn what you’ll want to know about adding video to your entertainment repertoire outdoors. 

Shaded Areas

The biggest choices around outdoor video watching have to do with the amount of ambient light. The most common installations are in covered, shaded patios. Even in a shaded installation, your outdoor TV has to contend with shifting outdoor light that can affect picture quality. Outdoor TV models from several vendors come in versions that are specifically geared to full shade. That means that they have screen coatings that can reflect glare, appropriate brightness for outdoor settings, and sometimes sensors that change brightness and contrast according to the ambient light. They also come with sturdy frames and weatherproofing to resist dust, heat, cold, and even splashing. You don’t get that if you try to install an indoor TV outside!

Full Sunlight

You might think that watching a TV in full sun might be an exercise in frustration, but it’s possible with the right equipment. There are models that deal with the sun’s glare with ultra-bright displays, anti-reflective screen materials, and special fan cooling to ensure the TV doesn’t overheat. So it’s possible to install a large-screen TV at the edge of your pool or a favored view spot with no shade and still enjoy your favorite entertainment. However, we do recommend protective sunscreen for you – the TV will be fine.

Wet Areas

Outdoor TVs can get wet. While you don't want to power wash them, most models are built to withstand rain and splashing from pools. If you're going to install one for watching by the pool, we can recommend the rights ones perfect for that task. In general, most outdoor TVs are designed to withstand water, cold, heat, dust, and even insect intrusion. If you need to attach devices like a Roku or Apple TV, they also have recessed and covered port areas to ensure that connections stay clean and secure.

Other Options

Aside from TVs, other options exist for outdoor video. There are projector and screen combinations that can serve well for nighttime viewing and family movie nights. Some of these options may not be weatherproof like outdoor TVs and thus are more seasonal solutions. Some screen solutions can be hidden in a patio eave and unfurled when it’s showtime for flexibility.


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Show & Tell AV Solutions can guide you through all the options available for outdoor video entertainment to build the customized solution that works for you. We invite you to set up a one-on-one consultation with our team. Just give us a call at (801) 444-3200, fill out our contact form, or chat with us below.

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Monday, 01 June 2020
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