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Home Automation Systems: Does the Remote Still Matter?

The new Control4 Halo remote control in a man’s hand.

Control4’s New Halo Remotes Are the Best of Both Control Worlds

Is the world obsessed with touchscreens? Maybe slightly, based on how often we use our smartphones for just about everything. Even automobile infotainment systems are all going for touchscreen control, with bigger screens in every generation. Does that mean remote controls with actual buttons are dead? 

Control4, the longtime industry leader and innovator in home automation systems, emphatically says, “No!” No slouch when it comes to making excellent touchscreen controls for smart homes, Control4’s new Halo remotes bring the best of touch control with good old-fashioned buttons that feel great in the hand. Learn more about the Halo remotes below to see if they’re right for your Salt Lake City, UT, smart home!

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4 Must-Have Elements in a Smart Home

The living and kitchen area of  Park City mountain home with a smart home control system.

These Are the Signature Smart Home Control Systems That Enhance Your Lifestyle

What is a smart home? Many people may have opinions on the definition, but we feel it's a home that makes various intelligently controlled home functions work together. It's more than intelligent climate control and lighting automation; it's how they work together, so the whole is greater than the sum of the parts. 

You could have a semi-smart home with only one or two of these features. But if you have all four under the umbrella of a smart home control system, you've got the nucleus of a smart home, one that will make a noticeable difference in your Park City, UT lifestyle. Let's explore these four features below.

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What Does a Smart Home System Do for You?

A home automation system touchscreen controller sits on a table in a Salt Lake City home.

Smart Homes Should Enhance Your Lifestyle

Surely you hear about smart this and smart that on a weekly basis. Every new refrigerator seems to need an internet connection to enable smart features, and your thermostat, security camera, lights, speakers, and other devices are now all “smart.” 

So what does that mean? Is it about giving you an app to control that device or appliance remotely? Well, that is part of it. How about controlling it by voice commands? Yes, that’s part of it, too. How about turning things on and off by a schedule? In many cases, that too! So if you can do all that with smart devices, why would you need a smart home system in your Salt Lake City home? That’s what we’re covering today for Utah homeowners. Please keep reading below!

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What Can You Add to Your Control4 Smart Home Starter System?


Lighting Control

Lighting control is a great place to start! Smart lighting grants you convenient and intuitive control of your lights in various rooms through personalized keypads, the Control4 mobile app, or your universal remote. In return, you’ll simplify your routines, improve home security, and even reduce energy usage. No more making rounds to every switch to turn lights on and off throughout the day.

Whether you have Philips Hue bulbs, a Lutron Caséta lighting control system, or want to opt for Control4’s wireless lighting controls, you can integrate lights with your Control4 EA-1 controller and reap the benefits of lighting control and automation.

SEE MORE: Getting Started with Home Lighting Control and Automation

Climate Control

Along with lights, climate is another system you use every day. So, why not make it simpler to control? Add smart thermostats from ecobee, Nest, and more to your Control4 smart home starter system and easily manage the climate throughout your home from your smartphone or universal remote.

While it’s true that you can remotely access and manage smart thermostats from their own apps, the benefit of integrating them with Control4 is twofold: Everything is accessible through a single app (or universal remote), and you can connect your thermostats with other devices, like your lights! Create a smart home scene that adjusts lights and climate to your desired settings with a quick button tap.

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Start Your Smart Home Journey with a Control4 Universal Remote


Orchestrate All Entertainment Devices in One Room

Most entertainment rooms are cluttered with devices, and each device has its own remote control. Before you know it, you have a basket filled with remotes for everything from the TV to the soundbar to the gaming consoles. Why not consolidate control of everything into one universal remote instead?

You can with this Control4 starter package. The EA-1 controller orchestrates a wide range of entertainment devices, including your TV, Blu-ray player, cable and satellite boxes, and gaming consoles. It also features IP control for Apple TV, Roku, and other network-connected devices. Integrate these devices with the EA-1 and enjoy streamlined control of everything from one Control4 universal remote!

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Stream Music or Listen to Your Own Library

Along with video content, you can also effortlessly browse and enjoy your favorite tunes using the same interface. The EA-1 controller includes a built-in music server with native support for popular streaming services like Spotify, Deezer, Tidal, iHeartRadio, Pandora, and more.

Easily access and listen to locally stored music files too by connecting the EA-1 to your external hard drive. Plus, play music through AirPlay using Control4 ShairBridge technology, which allows you to stream audio from any AirPlay-enabled mobile device or computer to your Control4 system.

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3 New Control4 Products You Need on Your Holiday Wish List


Reimagine Smarter Living with These Innovative Solutions

The year is winding down, and it’s time to plan for the holidays. While you may have the perfect gifts lined up for your family and friends, what’s on your wish list? If you need some inspiration, you’ve come to the right place.

Home automation leader Control4 just revealed three new smart home products that will make any gadget geek swoon this holiday season: the Chime Video Doorbell, the T4 Series Touchscreens, and the limited edition Neeo Remote in fiery red! If you love quality smart home solutions that make life more convenient, comfortable, and luxurious, then you’ll love one—or all—of these products.

As an authorized Diamond Control4 dealer serving Salt Lake City and the surrounding areas, our team always has the scoop on the latest innovations from Control4. Learn more about these exciting new smart home products by reading below.

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How to Integrate Audio, Video, and Everything Else with Control4


Let Control Orchestrate Your Smart Home

While you are undoubtedly familiar with many of today's smart devices, do you ever wonder how home automation started? It began with audio and video systems control. Back in the 1990s, we had many single-purpose devices - VCRs, DVD players, CD players, turntables, TVs, projectors, etc. Getting all those to work together usually led to picking up and deciphering many button-festooned remote controls. 

Brave souls would purchase and program universal remotes, but even those could be very frustrating affairs. Many people in Salt Lake City turned to professionals like us to install systems that would actually work, ones that could understand that a device was on or off and could execute your wishes reliably. From there, other controls could be added to manage lights, motorized window treatments, and other accouterments of modern home theaters and living areas.

Today, not only are there a myriad of smart home DIY devices for many functions, but there are also full-fledged smart home control platforms like Control4 for not only audio-video integration but a host of other smart home functions too.  

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Three Ways Control4 OS 3 Improves Your Smart Home


Ease Your Smart Home Experience with a Control4 Installation

Smart homes should make things easier, not harder. Too often, technology solutions create complexity and frustration for users. The product holds great promise, but it takes too much effort to make everything work the way you want.

We have no doubt you can think of many technology products that are just too complicated. Whether it was a smart TV, a camera, or audio equipment, you might have been frustrated getting it to do what you wanted without going through so many steps or resetting something for the third time.

Control4 has been in the smart home control and automation market for nearly twenty years, and they have always been known for simple interfaces that make intuitive sense to non-technical users. In their latest system, OS 3, they took simplicity to the next level, streamlining navigation and rethinking the home control experience for true ease-of-use any member of the family can enjoy.

Keep reading to see why a Control4 installation should be at the top of your list to run your home in Salt Lake City and the surrounding areas.

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How to Choose A Smart Home Company


Make Sure to Ask These Four Questions Before Embarking on Your Next Project

In many fields, it isn't easy to choose the right professionals. When you're looking for a doctor, you will often rely on the referrals of family, friends, and other doctors you may know. In some cases, you may have seen a professional's work – perhaps an exceptional landscape design – and decide that firm is a fit for you.

When looking at integrating smart home technology into your home in Park City, UT or the surrounding area, you may do much the same. A friend might make a recommendation based on a good experience, or you may admire what they've done at your friend's home. But it's equally likely that you may want to survey several technology integrators in the same way you might interview contractors for building your new home. You want to ensure that they understand your needs, what you want, and if they work with the technologies and solutions you are looking to get in your home.

Regardless of how you are introduced to a smart home company, there are some critical questions you should ask to help choose the right partner for your project.

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