How to Choose A Smart Home Company

Make Sure to Ask These Four Questions Before Embarking on Your Next Project

In many fields, it isn't easy to choose the right professionals. When you're looking for a doctor, you will often rely on the referrals of family, friends, and other doctors you may know. In some cases, you may have seen a professional's work – perhaps an exceptional landscape design – and decide that firm is a fit for you.

When looking at integrating smart home technology into your home in Park City, UT or the surrounding area, you may do much the same. A friend might make a recommendation based on a good experience, or you may admire what they've done at your friend's home. But it's equally likely that you may want to survey several technology integrators in the same way you might interview contractors for building your new home. You want to ensure that they understand your needs, what you want, and if they work with the technologies and solutions you are looking to get in your home.

Regardless of how you are introduced to a smart home company, there are some critical questions you should ask to help choose the right partner for your project.

1.    Are you a CEDIA member?

CEDIA is the Custom Electronic Design and Installation Association, which is the professional association of the custom technology integration industry. It’s a critical credential for any professional home automation company. For example, one of CEDIA’s requirements is that members carry proper insurance coverage and any required local licensing. Additionally, members also need to abide by a code of ethics and keep current on industry technology and best practices through continuing education courses.

2.    Can you supply references for similar projects?

In the same way you would ask a contractor, you want a company with the skillset and experience for the size and scope of your project. You likely wouldn't choose a builder that builds projects of 2000 square feet for your 8000 square foot mountain chalet. If you can tour a home of the same scope that is complete or even in process, that would be an indicator. If the smart home company has experience with large commercial projects, that may also gauge the breadth and depth of projects that they can tackle.

3.    What brands and companies do you work with?

It is said you can get a sense of a person by the company they keep. With smart home companies, you should see if they work with the top brands in the field. For example, Show and Tell AV works with top audio companies like McIntosh, KEF, and Paradigm. In home automation, we work with Control4, one of the pioneering companies in smart home automation.  You may also ask how long they have been working with these companies, and what level of dealer they are within the network.

4.    How do you support clients after the sale?

A good home automation company should support their work. Installation should be the beginning of a long-term client relationship. A smart home company should be there to educate the client on the use of the system, fix minor issues or tweak programming as necessary, and offer additional services like phone support and remote monitoring and diagnostics to ensure the system continues to run smoothly. How a company answers these questions will give you a good sense of how it views the after-sale relationship.


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Show and Tell AV Solutions wants to be your smart home company. We welcome you posing these questions to our team as you explore your options. Just give us a call at (801) 444-3200, fill out our contact form, or chat with us below – we look forward to working with you.

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Friday, 10 July 2020
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