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Four Reasons Motorized Shades Are a Smart Investment


It’s Not All About Convenience

You might remember a few things that weren't as easy as they are today if you are of a certain age. Automobiles are a great example. Did you learn to drive with a manual transmission? Do you remember the thrill of learning to launch the car on a hill with the clutch and try not to go backward? Or how about a car without power steering? No need for weight training if you learned to parallel park muscling a heavy steering wheel.

When we talk about motorized shades, your first thought might be, "why do they need motors?" In cars, we've gone far beyond those manual days toward machines that almost drive themselves. There are many good reasons why adding power to motorized shades goes beyond the convenience factor, although it's hard to deny the convenience.

In this blog, we'll continue to make the case why motorized shades are an excellent investment for your Bountiful, UT home. Keep reading, and don't be surprised when one day, manual windows shades will be as rare as manual steering is in cars today. 

Hard to Reach Windows

Many homes have large windows with very high ceilings. If you need to control the sun streaming through them or need a measure of privacy, motorized shading is the answer. Sure, you could use a pole to reach the pull, or you might have long cords dangling down, but that's not likely to appeal to your aesthetic. A remote-controlled, powered shade is much safer and more reliable.

Safety for Smaller Children

Dangling shade strings and cords often make attractive playthings for young children. Unfortunately, they can be dangerous for them as they could get wrapped around a neck. Even if not taken to the extreme, a child (or even dog) using it as a pull rope is likely to break the manual shade mechanism. With a motorized shade, nothing is dangling. Just hide the remote control, and everything is safe.

Precise Control

Going back to the car analogy, do you have a powered steering column control? Found in most upper-end models, powering the steering column makes for much more precise adjustment for your preferred driving position. Once you have one, you don’t want hard-to-control manual adjusters. With powered shades, you get the same precise control. Moreover, you can raise and lower all your shades uniformly to exactly the level you want with one button. Or go further and automate it with home automation.

Energy Efficiency

We’ve extolled the virtues of motorized shades for energy efficiency, and not just when it’s hot. In summer, you can effortlessly position your shades for a balance of natural light and heat control. You can also balance natural light in the winter with the need to insulate your windows for heat retention. When you link your motorized shades with your smart home control system, your lighting and climate control work in unison with your powered shades for a more energy-efficient and comfortable home. 

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Show and Tell AV Solutions has motorized shade options to fit any application and most any décor. We invite you to set up a one-on-one consultation with our team to see all the options. Just give us a call at (801) 444-3200, fill out our contact form, or chat with us below.

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