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How Better Lighting Design Can Help You

A luxurious, modern Utah kitchen with a custom lighting design.

Lighting is Fundamental for a Better Life

Do you think about the lighting in your home? Frankly, most people don't. Yet lighting can be as important as interior design, colors, furniture, and accessories. Light shapes the way you see and experience your surroundings. Unfortunately, even in high-end properties, often little attention is paid to lighting design. The same tired lighting techniques provide the right amount of light, but they miss out on the details that create atmosphere, ambiance, and a differentiated experience. 

Fortunately, that’s changing. One change is that new lighting form factors based on LED technology present new options that were previously unavailable or incredibly expensive to create with older technology. The other is a different approach to lighting design. 

Show and Tell AV has partnered with innovative companies such as Light Can Help You to make advanced lighting design faster and more accessible. Learn how better lighting design can help you experience your Salt Lake City, UT, home in a new way. 

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4 Ways Lighting Creates a More Luxurious Home Theater Experience

A luxurious Utah home theater with plush green seats, modern design, and LED accent lighting.

Innovating Lighting Design Can Elevate Your Home Cinema

Creating a comfortable and immersive home theater experience takes more than just a big screen and powerful surround sound system. Lighting design plays a crucial role in setting the mood and enhancing the cinematic experience. In Salt Lake City, Utah, where the beautiful mountain landscapes and starry skies are a constant source of inspiration, incorporating creative lighting details in your home theater can take your movie nights to the next level.

Thanks to newer lighting technology like fiber optics and LED, the options for home theater lighting have never been better. Explore four options below for injecting more atmosphere into your home cinema.

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Lighting Design and Automation, Part 3: How to Use Accent Lighting

Modern living room with stone fireplace in a Salt Lake City home with custom lighting design

Accent Lighting Is All about Form and Function

This is the third and last installment of our current blog series on lighting design and automation. Last month, we discussed how lighting designers take a layered approach to illuminating a space. The three lighting layers are ambient, task, and accent lighting. When all three are done correctly, it’s almost magical – lighting can transform any room in your Salt Lake City, UT home from mundane to magnificent. 

In this post, we want to focus on perhaps the lighting that's the most fun – accent lighting. As you can guess, accent lighting is what casts a spotlight (not literally, but sometimes) on something you want to highlight or enhance. What makes today’s accent lighting even more fun is LED technology, which enables unique lighting that fits into more spaces than ever and brings dynamic color control. Ready to see what you can do with accent lighting? Please read on. 

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