Lighting Design and Automation, Part 2: Let’s Talk Task Lighting

Modern kitchen in a Park City,Utah home with custom LED lighting and automation.

Task Lighting is all about Form and Function

Lighting designers like to talk about layered lighting. What is it? Layered lighting is an approach that adds just the right amount of illumination to a space in your Park City, UT home, both for functional and aesthetic purposes. The three layers of lighting are ambient, task, and accent. 

Last month in this lighting series, we discussed ambient lighting. Ambient is the general lighting for a room, most often done with overhead lights like recessed cans. Task lighting is the light that focuses on an area to get work done, like a lamp on a home office desk or the pendants over the kitchen island. Finally, accent lighting is the light that highlights an object or area, such as shining a spot on artwork or light that highlights an arch. In this blog, stay with us below as we focus on task lights and lighting automation. Look for more on accent lighting in the next blog!

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Blurring the Lines

It's important to note that lights can serve two different purposes and even at the same time. Kitchen pendants, for example, might be the task light for food preparation on the kitchen island. Dimmed to lower levels, they might serve as ambient light when you just need less lighting in the kitchen. However, we think the quality of the lighting fixture matters. They're not all made the same. 

For example, LED pendant lights from our lighting partner DMF are quite flexible. The company's DCC Cylinder system is a modular light that offers excellent color renditions, multiple lumen output options, and different beam spread. You can install them as spots or floods and use a unique "snoot" to focus light. With many trim options to fit ultra-modern to contemporary farmhouse styles, this is an excellent multipurpose task light fixture. You won't find this at Home Depot!

Staying on the subject of kitchens, another example of multipurpose lighting is undercabinet lights. In an older home, you might find fluorescent ones, not exactly the best lights for color temperature and aesthetics. A step up that is very common is halogen lights, and while bright, they tend to generate a fair amount of heat when left on for long periods. The latest trend for undercabinet lighting is LED, which also offers space savings, longevity, efficiency, and very little heat generation. Further, the right LED lighting is dimmable and color capable, allowing for excellent aesthetics and blending for the perfect layered lighting designers want. 

Lighting Automation

When discussing task lighting or any other type, precise control is what allows for just the right lighting for any room. While you can do it manually with a switch and a dimmer, it's much easier with lighting automation. Your beautiful pendants can be bright task lighting at one setting and be warmly dim at another to create a relaxing atmosphere for dinner or entertaining. With lighting automation, you get the control and management you need to set the perfect layered lighting effect for any activity in any room. 

At Show & Tell AV solutions, we provide cutting-edge technology solutions that enhance our clients’ everyday lives. Keep an eye on this space for more on lighting design and control. If you want to get started with better lighting right now, contact Show & Tell AV Solutions today! 

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