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Wow Your Guests with a Tap of a Button!


A Lighting Control System Changes the Way Your Home Looks and Feels

Lighting moves and inspires us. It illuminates the task at hand, and it can leave us feeling energized. With a lighting control system, you can have the power of light at your fingertips! Adjust the brightness of a room with a beautifully customized wall keypad that matches your décor, or say, “Hey Google, turn on the living room” to turn all of the lamps on in your main living area. 

Light also has a way of transforming things in our daily life. Take your artwork and photography collection, for example. In a dim room, the colors simply don’t pop, and in a too-bright room, the colors look harsh, or worse, there’s a glare! It's essential to work with a lighting design specialist like Show & Tell AV Solutions to avoid this unfortunate scenario. Keep reading to learn how you can elevate your daily lifestyle and show off your personal style with color-tunable lighting.

The Benefits of RGB Lighting

Having red, green, and blue light control at your fingertips is such a powerful tool. Homeowners can showcase their stunning art, highlight architectural features, and add a fun mood to any room with the power of light! LED bulbs with RGB colors can create over 16 million hues, so fixtures fitted with these smart bulbs are able to bath your home in stunning colors. 

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Strategically placed uplights in your hallway will draw the gaze down the hall while highlighting your framed photographs. Tap a “Holiday” scene button on your smartphone to adjust the lights from a cool, blue-white tone to red and green during the winter months; for the big game, bathe the wall in your favorite team’s colors! You have an artist’s palette on call with RGB lights integrated into your home.

Vibrant Artwork

In every Ketra light source, there is a unique feature built in called vibrancy. By specifically tuning the white light, Ketra bulbs can reflect off of an object dynamically. This allows you to showcase the colors within a piece of art in an exciting and compelling way. Our lighting team loves working with high-performance brands because of features like this!

With a lighting control system, you can automate lighting with a simple tap of your finger according to a preset schedule or by saying a voice command. Initiate the “Art” smart scene to dim the overhead fixtures throughout your Utah home and brighten the spotlights strategically placed near your hanging artwork and sculptures. Colors will pop, and your curated art collection will wow your guests.

To learn more about the possibilities RGB lighting can bring to your property, connect with us here or leave a message on the chat. We can’t wait to hear from you! 

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