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3 Fixtures You Can Add to Your Home Lighting Control System


Illuminate, Showcase, and Highlight with Intelligently Designed Lighting

Ambient, task, and accent lighting are the three main types that come together to illuminate your beautiful Park City-area home. If you’re missing one, you may find yourself squinting unnecessarily at your TV screen due to glare, or maybe you have to bring your book closer to your face because the lights are too dim. Lighting serves an inherently functional purpose, but it can also add to the style of your Utah property! Keep reading to learn a few different fixtures you can incorporate into your home lighting control system

LED Strips

You may have rolled your eyes when you saw “LED Strips,” but bear with us because we aren’t talking about the inexpensive strip lights you would find at a big-box retailer for a DIY lighting project. No, we’re speaking of true smart LED strips that incorporate into your control system. 

Imagine pressing the “Movie Night” smart button on a home theater remote to initiate a series of device responses. Motorized drapes close to prevent sunlight from reflecting off the TV screen display, the overhead light that serves as ambient lighting will dim until it’s practically pitch-black in the space, and LED strips behind the large screen turn on to create a fun, colorful effect. Your audio/video system fires on, and you’re ready to pick your next binge-worthy original series episode.

You can also add LED strips to the underside of cabinets. Countertops will have a crisp, bright light shining on their surface—perfect for cutting vegetables, mixing ingredients, or serving your plate.

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Pendant fixtures can be fun conversation starters or hide in plain sight, depending on your design tastes. These fixtures can hang from the kitchen ceiling or above the drafting table in your craft room and be placed singularly or in a group. Pendant lights add an exciting layer of fun to the lighting in your home, but it’s important to select styles that don’t dominate the smaller spaces or get lost in vast, airy areas. By working with our lighting design team, you can rest assured that you’ll find the perfect fit!


Lamps may seem boring, but they are the task horse of any room’s lighting scheme. Partnered with overhead lighting, lamps can offer ambient, task, and accent lighting depending on the bulb brightness, their size, and the directionality of the fixture. A lamp next to a reading nook would be much different than one next to the home minibar. 

Home Lighting Control

No matter what type of fixture you choose, incorporating it into your home lighting control system ensures every fixture is easy to turn on, dim, brighten, and turn off. There’s no need to walk from room to room of your estate to adjust lights. All you need to do is tap a button! Press the “Goodnight” button to dim lights gradually over a thirty-minute period as your make your way to the bathroom to brush your teeth and put on your PJs. At the thirty-minute mark, all interior lights are fully off, so you had better make your way to bed instead of scrolling on your phone—it’s ok. That’s our bad habit, too.

To learn more about home lighting control or browse beautiful lighting fixtures in person, connect with us by filling out our contact form or chat with us at the bottom of your screen! We look forward to hearing from you.

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