Experience the Power of a Josh.ai and Control4 Partnership


Seamless Voice-Assisted Home Automation Makes Managing Your Home Effortless

We recently shared our excitement about Control4's expanded partnership and exclusive distribution agreement with Josh.ai. Why our excitement? Because this agreement takes smart home management to the next level, delivering unprecedented ease of use.

As a Control4 dealer, we understand effortless smart home control. Now, instead of a tap on an in-wall keypad or a swipe on a touchscreen, all you have to do is ask. So let's take a look at just what this partnership means to your lifestyle and to homeowners in Salt Lake City, UT, and the surrounding areas. 

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3 New Control4 Products You Need on Your Holiday Wish List


Reimagine Smarter Living with These Innovative Solutions

The year is winding down, and it’s time to plan for the holidays. While you may have the perfect gifts lined up for your family and friends, what’s on your wish list? If you need some inspiration, you’ve come to the right place.

Home automation leader Control4 just revealed three new smart home products that will make any gadget geek swoon this holiday season: the Chime Video Doorbell, the T4 Series Touchscreens, and the limited edition Neeo Remote in fiery red! If you love quality smart home solutions that make life more convenient, comfortable, and luxurious, then you’ll love one—or all—of these products.

As an authorized Diamond Control4 dealer serving Salt Lake City and the surrounding areas, our team always has the scoop on the latest innovations from Control4. Learn more about these exciting new smart home products by reading below.

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Set the Lighting Scene for Any Occasion with Control4


Using Smart Lighting to Enhance Every Activity at Home

This post is the final chapter of this month’s blog series on lighting control and automation. So far, we’ve covered system choices in automated lighting and the many versatile (and fun) ways to control your lights. In this post, we’ll take lighting automation to the next level – how to customize your lighting to enhance just about everything you do at home.  

A good lighting control system is much more than turning lights on and off with a smartphone or voice control. While all that's convenient, it's when your lights can set just the right scene for what you want to do that you start leveraging the power of home lighting automation. And beyond the light, it’s how your lighting works with the rest of your smart home to keep you comfortable and safe.

Ready to learn more? Let Show & Tell AV, your local Control4 dealer and home technology expert in Salt Lake City, be your guide to the benefits of smart lighting control. 

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What Can You Add to Your Control4 Smart Home Starter System?


Lighting Control

Lighting control is a great place to start! Smart lighting grants you convenient and intuitive control of your lights in various rooms through personalized keypads, the Control4 mobile app, or your universal remote. In return, you’ll simplify your routines, improve home security, and even reduce energy usage. No more making rounds to every switch to turn lights on and off throughout the day.

Whether you have Philips Hue bulbs, a Lutron Caséta lighting control system, or want to opt for Control4’s wireless lighting controls, you can integrate lights with your Control4 EA-1 controller and reap the benefits of lighting control and automation.

SEE MORE: Getting Started with Home Lighting Control and Automation

Climate Control

Along with lights, climate is another system you use every day. So, why not make it simpler to control? Add smart thermostats from ecobee, Nest, and more to your Control4 smart home starter system and easily manage the climate throughout your home from your smartphone or universal remote.

While it’s true that you can remotely access and manage smart thermostats from their own apps, the benefit of integrating them with Control4 is twofold: Everything is accessible through a single app (or universal remote), and you can connect your thermostats with other devices, like your lights! Create a smart home scene that adjusts lights and climate to your desired settings with a quick button tap.

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