4 Convenient Ways to Control Your Smart Lighting System


Control4 and Lutron Offer Easy, Versatile Approaches for Commanding Your Lights

In our last blog, we introduced the benefits of smart lighting control and discussed the different types of lighting system designs that our teaminstalls for homes of all ages and sizes in the Salt Lake City area. In this blog, we’re diving into the fun stuff: controlling your lights! 

Lighting control systems from leading manufacturers like Control4 and Lutron are truly designed with you in mind. They offer various control options that fit different situations and preferences so that managing your home lighting is always convenient and intuitive. For example, a mobile app may be ideal when you’re in the backyard, while voice control may be best when you’re cooking dinner.

Keep reading to learn four convenient ways you can control your Control4 or Lutron lighting system.

Wall Keypads

Wired and wireless wall keypads are a staple for home lighting control. They offer convenient on-wall control that homeownersare used to, but their functionality goes far beyond traditional switches and dimmers. Keypads from Control4 and Lutron can be custom-configured to offer easy management of lights in one, several, or all rooms of your home. Personalize and engrave your buttons with scenes like “Goodnight” or “Movie Time” to instantly adjust several lighting loads and create the ambiance you desire with one tap. Wall keypads also come in various colors and finishes to elevate your home décor.

Voice Control

Control4 and Lutron integrate with various voice control assistants like Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant, which means you can control your lights with a simple voice command. Voice control provides a convenient and hands-free control point for all the lights in your home. Ask Alexa or Google to brighten your home office lights when you’re working late, or call up a home lighting scene like “Entertain” when you’re putting dinner on the table. When crawling into bed, activate your “Goodnight” light scene by voice, and rest assured you didn’t accidentally leave lights on that should be off.

Mobile App

With mobile app control of your lighting system, you can monitor and adjust all your lights from quite literally anywhere! Control4 and Lutron offer intuitive mobile apps for iOS and Android devices that allow you to gain quick access to specific rooms or the entire house and adjust your lights with a tap. You can also edit and create new lighting scenes from your smartphone or tablet. Mobile app control is perfect when you’re on the patio or away from home and want to manage your lights from afar.


When your lights can adjust on their own, you won’t have to command them at all. While it may not be practical to automate all your lights, you could automate your landscape lighting to turn on at sunset and off at sunrise. You could also automate certain fixtures to turn on after dark to provide lit pathways and increase security. For better eye health, automate your bedroom, kitchen, and home office lights to gradually brighten from morning to afternoon and slowly dim again from afternoon to evening.Lighting automation can be personalized to your unique lifestyle and change along with you.

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In our next blog, we’ll dive into the advantages of creating and using home lighting scenes with Control4 or Lutron to achieve different goals, from adding convenience to your routines to increasing home security, improving everyday comfort, and more. Stay tuned!

In the meantime, you can always connect with our team here or use the chat box below to learn more about our home lighting control services and solutions or plan your home lighting control upgrade.

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