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Let Us Help You Design the Right Lighting System for Your Needs

Without surprise, lighting control is one of the first solutions many homeowners invest in when outfitting their property with smart technology. Smart lighting systems offer convenient and intuitive control of all your lights through personalized keypads, a mobile app, and even voice control. In return, you receive improved home security, reduced energy usage, and more time in your day.

Our team installs entirely modular lighting control systems that are perfect for homes old, new, big, and small. Whether you want to start in a few rooms and expand later or invest in a large-scale lighting control installation for a new build, you’ll receive a premium lighting control experience with our help.

If you’re considering home lighting automation, read below to learn about the different types of lighting system designs that we offer and which may be the right method for your needs and budget.


Centralized Lighting System

Centralized lighting systems require that all lighting loads be wired to load modules located on a centralized panel that is hidden away in a dedicated closet or utility room. This design moves lighting load control from wall boxes to the central control panel, which eliminates the need for cluttered banks of switches and dimmers in every room. Instead, you can choose optimal locations for wired multi-button wall keypads that can operate lights in one, several, or every room in the home. Say goodbye to “wall acne” that hinders your interior design and choose single, elegant keypads instead.

Because substantial changes to the electrical wiring of an existing home would be necessary for a centralized lighting system, this method is ideal for new construction projects or major remodels.

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Wireless Lighting System

Already have traditional electrical wiring in place or want a more cost-effective solution? You can still reap the benefits of smart lighting control by choosing a wireless system for your home in Park City, UT and surrounding areas. Wireless light switches, dimmers, and keypads install seamlessly into your existing wall boxes and communicate wirelessly, eliminating the need to pull wires to one location.

Because wireless lighting devices replace traditional switches and dimmers, you forego the advantage of eliminating wall clutter when upgrading an existing home. But wireless keypads are just as sophisticated as their wired counterparts and can be configured virtually any way you can imagine for convenient control of lights in one or all rooms of the home. Plus, wireless controls are compatible with LEDs, halogens, fluorescents, incandescents, and more.

Hybrid Lighting System

A hybrid lighting system combines a centralized lighting design with localized wireless switches and dimmers to give you more flexibility for personalized lighting control. Place elegant, multifunctional wired keypads in prominent areas, such as the living room or kitchen, while providing familiar switches and dimmers in areas like closets and bathrooms. Adding onto your home? You can use centralized lighting in the new spaces and wireless switches, dimmers, and keypads in your existing spaces.

Wired and wireless lighting devices can be combined to deliver the best of both worlds: wired keypads in key rooms where consolidation of controls is important to you and wireless control in places where pulling wire is impractical or not desired.

Our team works with leading lighting control system manufacturers like Control4 and Lutron and can create a custom lighting control solution that suits your home layout, needs, and budget. Connect with us here or use the live chat box below to learn more about our lighting design and installation services.

In our next blog, we’ll dive into the many ways you can conveniently control the lights throughout your home beyond smart wall controls. Control4 and Lutron truly design smart lighting and home control with you in mind. Stay tuned!

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