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Boost Your Home Theater Audio with New Marantz Receivers and Processors

New Marantz AV60 home theater audio receiver.

Marantz Delivers Sonic Upgrades with Their Latest Components

Since its founding in 1953, Marantz has always been a trusted name in high-end audio. If you're an audio enthusiast old enough to remember, Marantz receivers were the top of the class in the 1970s and are still prized by vintage audio collectors today. 

Marantz is still a significant player in high-end audio, only now their product line also extends into home theater audio. Their line of home theater receivers and processors have always been respected for their musical chops as well as excellence in surround sound, a feat that others don’t always manage as well. 

Recently, Marantz has upped the ante again with new flagship home theater receiver and processor models. If you’re looking for a sonic upgrade to your Salt Lake City, UT home cinema, these should be on your shortlist. Keep reading below for more!

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