Start Your Smart Home Journey with a Control4 Universal Remote

Get Ready for an Exceptional Family Room Entertainment Experience

Interested in smart home control but hesitant to take the plunge? You can dip your toes in first by beginning with the Control4 installation starter package! An industry leader in smart home automation, Control4 offers scalable solutions for every need so that you can start small and expand later.

The Control4 starter package is perfect for effortless command of your entertainment room. The bundle consists of one Control4 EA-1 Entertainment and Automation Controller, which integrates your AV devices, and a handheld universal remote for intuitive entertainment control.

For a sweet taste of smart home control, read on to learn what to expect when you start with this single-room universal remote control package from Control4.

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Three Ways Control4 OS 3 Improves Your Smart Home

Ease Your Smart Home Experience with a Control4 Installation

Smart homes should make things easier, not harder. Too often, technology solutions create complexity and frustration for users. The product holds great promise, but it takes too much effort to make everything work the way you want.

We have no doubt you can think of many technology products that are just too complicated. Whether it was a smart TV, a camera, or audio equipment, you might have been frustrated getting it to do what you wanted without going through so many steps or resetting something for the third time.

Control4 has been in the smart home control and automation market for nearly twenty years, and they have always been known for simple interfaces that make intuitive sense to non-technical users. In their latest system, OS 3, they took simplicity to the next level, streamlining navigation and rethinking the home control experience for true ease-of-use any member of the family can enjoy.

Keep reading to see why a Control4 installation should be at the top of your list to run your home in Salt Lake City and the surrounding areas.

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Why A Control4 Installation Is The Best Choice For Your Project

Control4 offers a variety of features to enhance your smart home

Transitioning to a smart home can be overwhelming. There are many things to consider in a smart home installation. What technology should you include in your Park City, UT home? What would be the best way to control it all?

The one thing that shouldn’t be complicated is choosing your automation partner. Go with a Control4 installation for your project for the greatest reliability and customization. Learn what makes Control4 one of the world's leading home automation brands.

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