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Discover Roon: The Ultimate Music Player for Music Fanatics


Roon Makes Your Digital Music Experience Fun Again

When music went from discs to digital, we lost something: the tangible sensation of LP covers and CD sleeves. Don’t get us wrong—digital media is incredibly convenient. But born from that convenience came drab track lists that erased engaging artwork, artist biographies, and song lyrics at our fingertips.

If you’re a hardcore music lover with a vast collection of digital media, it’s time you checked out Roon. Roon is the digital media player for audiophiles who desire a more exciting user experience as they enjoy their music. Along with brilliantly managing your digital media, Roon also brings multi-room smarts to your high-end audio equipment.

Show & Tell AV Solutions is a proud Roon dealer serving Salt Lake City, UT and the surrounding areas. Read on to discover Roon and learn how you can get an extra month of Roon for free when you sign up.

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Surround Sound: What’s the Best Speaker Setup for You?


The Soundbar Setup

If you’re on a budget or have a small movie room, you might start with a soundbar like the Sonos Arc. The Arc has 11 drivers and can replicate the sound field of a five-channel surround system on its own. The Arc also supports Dolby Atmos signals and features two up-firing drivers to create a sense of height.

We could go on about its features, but the point we want to drive home is that it’s possible to enjoy surround sound with just a soundbar—if you know which one to look for. Still, we’d recommend pairing it with at least a subwoofer for some punching bass and a more immersive audio experience.

The Standard 5.1 Setup

5.1 might be the most basic surround setup, but it’s a step up from any soundbar-based system. Unlike a soundbar, a 5.1 setup uses separate speakers that sit around you to envelop you in the action. This configuration includes three front speakers, two surround speakers, and one subwoofer.

While the Arc is already powered, a 5.1 setup will usually require a receiver or processor/amp combo to decode audio formats and power your speakers (we’ll talk more on that in the next blog). If you choose a 5.1 system, make sure your front left and right speakers are angled inward toward the listening position, your surrounds are on either side of the listening position, and all speakers are at ear level.

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Our Favorite Audiophile Headphones for High-End Listening



Cherished by music lovers, music producers, and mastering engineers, the LCD-X (pictured above) is Audeze’s most popular headphone. In fact, you can find the LCD-X and other high-end headphones from Audeze in some of the world’s most prestigious production houses!

These over-ear, open-back and closed back headphones feature Planar Magnetic drivers that reproduce the most intimate musical details with microscopic clarity. Experience pinpoint imaging, an impressive sense of space, and excellent transient response—allowing you to hear every recording as the creators intended.

And if you still need convincing that headphones are a fair competitor with stereo loudspeakers, consider this review by The Absolute Sound: “It is my opinion that the LCD-X can compete with all of the very best high-end loudspeakers.”

You can find both the open back and closed back models on display at our showroom.

Audeze LCD-2


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