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How to Design Your Home for Better Music Streaming


Our Whole Home Audio Solutions Deliver High-Performance Sound in Every Room

Listening to music has evolved drastically from the days when audiophiles would sit in front of a record player all day. In recent years, streaming has become the primary way people listen to music. Enjoying instant access to thousands of recordings is an audiophile's dream come true—even if for some people, that means sacrificing quality along the way.

That’s because many people are still using makeshift solutions to access their favorite streaming services. In many cases, they’re using smartphones with basic earbuds or low-fidelity Bluetooth speakers. Getting convenient, high-performance streaming audio is not impossible, though. The best way to experience the streaming revolution is by installing a wireless whole home audio system. 

Here we outline the steps you need to take for a truly stellar wireless whole home audio installation. One that makes it easy to find the music you want and choose where you want it to play in your Salt Lake City, UT home.

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Are You Getting the Most Out of Your Whole-Home Audio System?


Harness the Power of Control4 Whole-Home Audio with These Tips

A whole-home audio system reveals a world of possibilities for listening to music at home. From one intuitive app, you can select from millions of songs to enjoy in any and every room on a dime. Adjust the volume, hit pause, change the song selection in a different room, and more. Enjoy your music, your way.

One of the many reasons we love Control4 for whole-home audio is because you get so much more than a music system. You also reap the benefits of a full-fledged home automation system. If you have a Control4 whole-home audio system or are considering one, keep reading to explore a few creative ways you can use Control4 to enjoy music and media throughout your home.

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