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McIntosh Audio: The Gold Standard in Sound for Audiophiles

McIntosh Audio components glowing with iconic blue lights, showcasing the brand's heritage.

Discover the Unmistakable Elegance and Performance of McIntosh

Celebrating 75 years of unparalleled quality and innovation, McIntosh has become the hallmark of audiophiles seeking the zenith of audio fidelity. Known for its signature amplifier meters, iconic blue lighting, classic knobs, and superlative build quality, a McIntosh audio system is not just a component but a centerpiece of auditory art. Let's delve deeper into the world of McIntosh and discover how its timeless design and exceptional sound deserve a special spot in your Bountiful, UT, home.

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Upgrade Your McIntosh Audio Gear!

A McIntosh MC462 high-end audio amplifier on a media cabinet in a Utah home.

Through June 30, Take Advantage of McIntosh’s Extraordinary TradeUP Program

McIntosh is a legendary name in hi-fi audio for many reasons. There’s the impeccable build quality, the iconic styling that makes a statement, and of course, the exemplary performance of the components. McIntosh audio components like preamps, integrated amps, and separate amplifiers hold their value well for decades—because they are made to perform for decades. 

But there comes a time in every Salt Lake City, UT, audio lover’s life for the itch to upgrade. It may be to go from an integrated to separates or to take advantage of new digital formats, upgraded DACs, or connections. Or maybe you just need something new, not because you need it, but because you want it. Well, this is your month. From now to June 30, McIntosh is offering their TradeUP program, where qualifying older gear can be traded in on the company's latest and greatest. Keep reading below for details, and hurry into Show and Tell AV's showroom soon!

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McIntosh MX170: Create the Cinematic Soundstage of Your Dreams


The Ultimate Home Theater Processor for Immersive 3D Surround Sound

McIntosh has been redefining the home audio experience for discriminating listeners for over seven decades. Known well for their high-end two-channel stereo sound systems, McIntosh also boasts state-of-the-art home theater products that deliver the best in surround sound for an immersive cinematic experience in any unique environment.

Want to create the cinematic soundstage of your dreams? Then it’s time you considered the MX170 processor for your home theater or media room. Keep reading to learn about the notable features of this rave-worthy McIntosh audio and video processor below. As Utah’s Premier McIntosh Dealer, we can help you make the MX170 the engine behind your home entertainment system.


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