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Why You Need A McIntosh Dealer For Your Luxurious Home Audio


We are a top-rated dealer in Salt Lake City, UT.

McIntosh audio equipment has it all: traditional aesthetics, reliable performance, and a long history of success. McIntosh audio systems are a lifelong commitment, an investment that will hold up over time. If you want audiophile level sound in your Salt Lake City, UT home, then they are the way to go. Check out this list of reasons to invest in a McIntosh sound system with a McIntosh dealer today!


A History of Excellence

McIntosh has been in business for over 67 years and helped to create the high-fidelity industry through their patented tube technology. Acts such as The Beach Boys and The Grateful Dead have used McIntosh for their performances and McIntosh even provided the amps at Woodstock in 1969! As leaders in the audio industry for their entire existence, McIntosh systems continue to stand the test of time over many generations.

Wide-Ranging Solutions

Whatever your audiophile needs, McIntosh delivers the driving forces behind your system. The company is best known for its amplifiers and preamplifiers available in solid state, vacuum tubes, monoblack, stereo or multi-channel varieties. Over the years, the brand has expanded to include turntables, receivers, media streamers, CD players, and even speakers.


McIntosh also has an unparalleled aesthetic. McIntosh audio systems have an iconic design of golden buttons and front panel illuminations, unchanged since 1960. The output meters are both beautiful and functional. The wattmeter monitors your sound, so you don't kill your speakers.


McIntosh audio systems don't become outdated because they are built to last. Some even appreciate over time instead of losing value. McIntosh audio systems also have screen printed glass covers instead of plastic, because plastic discolors over time, making it hard to see the meters. Besides the sturdiness of the equipment, you can count on the quality of the customer service throughout the lifetime of your audio equipment.

Features that Ensure Reliability

McIntosh audio systems have a variety of features that ensure the longevity of the equipment. Power Guard keeps speakers from clipping, allowing the rest of your music to play as loud as it can and only lower the dynamics that would cause clipping.

McIntosh Output Autoformer systems let you use loudspeakers with an impedance of 2,4, or 8 ohms while keeping power and low distortion. Complimentary based circuity eliminates distortion and sends a clear signal to your speakers.


Are you interested in investing in a McIntosh audio system from a qualified McIntosh dealer in Salt Lake City, UT? Show and Tell AV Solutions is the most reliable partner in the area. We bring you the latest and greatest in high-end audio/video and home automation products.

Our professionals will walk you through the high-end audio options available to you, working with your budget and your existing equipment. With Show & Tell AV Solutions, you get what you want. Call us or contact us using our online form to get your project started today!

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