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Cutting the Cord with Over the Air Antennas

A large outdoor over-the-air TV antenna installed at a Utah home.

How to Ditch Cable and Not Miss Anything

If you’re tired of waiting for The Cable Guy, you may want to keep reading this. Over the past several years, the advent of a torrent of streaming content has made many homeowners rethink the value of a traditional cable subscription. Cable—used interchangeably here with similar services that might be delivered over a fiber connection—has grown increasingly more costly than on-demand streaming subscriptions from Netflix, Amazon, HBO, Apple, and many others. 

But it’s not just the cost that has homeowners “cutting the cord.” These services have proprietary set-top boxes that you need to access the service on every TV that you own. Some of these are better than others, but many use outdated and unintuitive software for program guides and digital video recording functions. However, many are still hesitant to cut the cord and just go with streaming. The main reasons tend to be access to live sports and local news, which are not easy to get (or sometimes impossible) over streaming. 

There is an alternative. A high-quality over-the-air antenna coupled with an advanced set-top box independent of cable networks can give you much of what you miss with cable programming, and streaming services supplement the rest. Keep reading to learn more about how this solution can help you cut the cord in your Salt Lake City, UT, home.

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