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Curate Your Dream Premium Audio System


A Quick Guide to Assembling a Hi-Fi Two-Channel System

Assembling a premium audio system for your Park City home can be as thrilling as the first snowfall on the Wasatch Range—especially when it involves components from McIntosh and Sonus Faber. These brands epitomize high-end audio, crafting experiences that resonate with the heart of music enthusiasts. Navigating the options need not be daunting; with the right guidance, you can curate a system that brings the concert to your Utah home. In this little guide, we'll unveil how to blend the best of sound engineering with elegant aesthetics, creating a listening space that's a refuge for audiophiles.

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McIntosh Audio: The Gold Standard in Sound for Audiophiles

McIntosh Audio components glowing with iconic blue lights, showcasing the brand's heritage.

Discover the Unmistakable Elegance and Performance of McIntosh

Celebrating 75 years of unparalleled quality and innovation, McIntosh has become the hallmark of audiophiles seeking the zenith of audio fidelity. Known for its signature amplifier meters, iconic blue lighting, classic knobs, and superlative build quality, a McIntosh audio system is not just a component but a centerpiece of auditory art. Let's delve deeper into the world of McIntosh and discover how its timeless design and exceptional sound deserve a special spot in your Bountiful, UT, home.

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Are Audiophile-Grade Wireless Speakers Blasphemy?

A pair of KEF Reference Series hi-fi speakers flank a console in a Park City home.

Not When You’re Talking About the KEF Wireless Collection

Just as the breathtaking vistas of Utah offer a feast for the eyes, KEF speakers offer an auditory banquet for the discerning audiophile. Wireless speakers are all the rage these days, from Bluetooth battery-powered portables to plug-and-play self-powered Wi-Fi speakers. But do the words "wireless" and "audiophile" mix when talking about speakers? They do when we're talking about KEF's extraordinary wireless speaker collection: The LS60 Wireless, LS50 Wireless II, and LSX II. These speakers embody the zenith of wireless audio, delivering unparalleled sound quality to your Salt Lake City home.

In the first blog earlier this month, we covered KEF’s rich history of acoustic innovation. We then discussed two of KEF’s highest-value speaker lines, the R Series and the LS50 Meta, both of which bring audiophile-worthy performance to your listening experience without breaking the bank. In this last installment, we'll cover the KEF Wireless Collection, a convenient way to enjoy genuine hi-fi sound with fewer connections and complexity. Please keep reading!

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Experience a Sonic Revelation with KEF Audiophile Speakers

A pair of KEF R-Series hi-fi speakers flank a large screen TV in a Park City home.

A Look at the Incomparable KEF R Series and LS50 Meta Speakers

For those who appreciate high-fidelity sound, the quest for the perfect audiophile speakers can be as thrilling as the first chairlift ride of the ski season in beautiful Park City. Last month, we started a three-part blog series on KEF speakers, focusing on the company’s rich history of innovation and craftsmanship. This month, we're turning the spotlight on two exceptional speaker lines from KEF: The R Series and the LS50 Meta. These two speakers represent two ends of the hi-fi speaker spectrum; the R Series is a full line that brings benchmark-level sound quality at approachable prices, and the LS50, a product that redefined small speaker audio performance.

Now, these two speakers are leaping ahead with KEF’s latest innovation: Meta Material Absorption Technology. Let’s take a closer look below at what these latest iterations can bring to the ears of discerning Utah audiophiles.

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KEF Hi-Fi Speakers: Six Decades in the Pursuit of Sonic Perfection

A pair of KEF R Series hi-fi speakers flank a fireplace in a Park City home.

A Journey of Audio Innovation 

This month, we’re taking a closer look at one of today’s foremost audio companies: KEF. If you know anything about audio, you may already be familiar with the KEF name and some of its hi-fi speakers. But you may not know too much about what sets them apart from the rest. 

KEF has been both a revolutionary and evolutionary brand. Signature design elements like the Uni-Q driver design have undergirded almost every KEF speaker since the 1980s, but the company's innovations did not stop there. Stay with us below as we discuss the history of KEF and how it shapes their present-day products—from ultra hi-fi speakers like the Blade to their uber-modern wireless lineup—and why KEF should be on the shortlist of any Park City, UT, audiophile. 

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Upgrade Your McIntosh Audio Gear!

A McIntosh MC462 high-end audio amplifier on a media cabinet in a Utah home.

Through June 30, Take Advantage of McIntosh’s Extraordinary TradeUP Program

McIntosh is a legendary name in hi-fi audio for many reasons. There’s the impeccable build quality, the iconic styling that makes a statement, and of course, the exemplary performance of the components. McIntosh audio components like preamps, integrated amps, and separate amplifiers hold their value well for decades—because they are made to perform for decades. 

But there comes a time in every Salt Lake City, UT, audio lover’s life for the itch to upgrade. It may be to go from an integrated to separates or to take advantage of new digital formats, upgraded DACs, or connections. Or maybe you just need something new, not because you need it, but because you want it. Well, this is your month. From now to June 30, McIntosh is offering their TradeUP program, where qualifying older gear can be traded in on the company's latest and greatest. Keep reading below for details, and hurry into Show and Tell AV's showroom soon!

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Create the Ultimate Home Theater Experience with High-End Audio


M&K Sound Offers the Perfect Solution for Your Dedicated Home Theater

We recently introduced the amazing world of M&K Sound. Today, we’d like to dive into how we use their products to design and integrate high-end audio systems into incredible, dedicated home theaters. 

Thanks to M&K Sound and their collaboration with Dolby Laboratories, the movie soundtrack envelops the listener and draws them into the story, making them part of the experience. M&K has been on the frontlines of surround sound since its inception, developing the first home theaters for producers and directors and leading the industry.

Now, we can use their incredible sound systems to transform our client’s home theater experience into one that surpasses the best cinemas in the Park City, UT area.

Let’s see how it’s done! 

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The History of Remarkable High-Performance Audio--M&K Sound


Learn About M&K Sound’s History and Incredible Achievements 

At Show & Tell AV Solutions, we’re all about premium audio and video components that integrate effortlessly into your smart home. The result is a home that’s easy to manage and extremely enjoyable. In this, our first in a series, we’re excited to discuss M&K Sound, one of our favorite partners in high-fidelity audio. 

M&K speakers and subwoofers are some of the best on the market. In fact, musicians, directors, and engineers from around the world use them in film, music, and studio production. A few of the industry leaders you’re probably familiar with include Warner Bros, Universal, DreamWorks, Lucas Film, Sony Music, THX, and Disney—just a few of the world’s finest filmmakers and audio experts that turn to M&K Sound.

Let's explore how this audio brand elevates sound in homes in Salt Lake City, UT, and the surrounding areas. 

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Can Amplifiers and DACs Improve Your Headphones?


Headphone Amplifiers

Just like the amplifier that powers your full-sized speakers, a headphone amp works in the same way on a much smaller scale. This low-powered amp increases the signal from your devices, such as your smartphone or PC, amplifying low-voltage signals to higher levels.

Built-in amps tend to distort and compress sound, losing the dynamic range of the music, while high-quality headphone amps are designed to preserve the original signal.

The result is studio-quality sounds that greatly improve the listening experience, providing louder, crisper sounds. Power and quality are the two main reasons people use dedicated headphone amps from high-end companies like MyteK and McIntosh. Below are two of the models we most recommend for our clients.

The Liberty THX AAA Headphone AMP from MyTek provides powerful, precision sound with minimal distortion. The amp also comes with a reference tool to adjust volume and sound settings for optimal listening and production.

We also have the McIntosh MHA200 headphone amp coming to our showroom soon. This beautiful, compact amplifier boasts four different impedance ranges, balanced, and unbalanced inputs. Enjoy sound in stereo or left and right outputs. The MHA200 features McIntosh’s trademark vacuum tube amplification and a toroidal power transformer for powerful, pristine sound with a wide range of headphones and music sources.

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High-End Audio, Part 3: Amplifiers To Make Your Speakers Sing


Bring Out All the Emotion and Nuance in Music with McIntosh Amplifiers

This is the third of a series of blogs on one of our favorite solutionshigh-end audio. In the first two, we’ve gone from discussing the endpoint – the speakers that create the sound – to the sources, like streaming, vinyl, and CDs. In this final installment, we’re going to go into the middle – the amplifier, the piece of equipment that creates the current to drive the speaker.

Power amplifiers are what make speakers come alive. Speakers are not all the same, and some amplifiers make far better partners for some speakers than others. Some speakers are relatively efficient, requiring smaller amounts of current to achieve high sound levels and clarity, and some only sound their best with copious quantities of undistorted power. 

One of our favorite amplifier brands is McIntosh. The company’s amplifiers are legendary, having powered the famous Woodstock concert of the late 1960s. Their build quality and longevity let them be passed down from one generation to the next, like a classic vintage automobile. Let’s dive a little deeper into McIntosh amplifiers and how they can amp up the sound system in your listening room.

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4 Music Sources to Enjoy on Your High-End Audio System


There’s No Need to Choose Between Spinning and Streaming

At a very basic level, a sound system comprises three parts: speakers, sources, and amplification. Our last blog focused on speakers and why we love 2-channel for music enjoyment at home. We also recommended our favorite high-end audio brands! In this blog, we’re getting into the music itself.

Whether you love the tactile experience of vinyl or the convenience of internet streaming, you can enjoy both music formats and many more through your high-performance speakers. All you need are the right components. Below, explore four popular music sources you can connect to your system for versatile music listening at home in Bountiful and the greater Utah area.

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Why We Love 2-Channel for Home Sound Systems


Plus, Explore Some of Our Favorite High-End Audio Brands

Thanks to the internet, we need never be without music. Millions of songs live in our pockets, waiting to be played. In fact, music enthusiasts today might hail the internet for making quality music so easy to access, especially as more streaming services offer lossless high-fidelity audio formats.

Even so, no musical experience compares to that of a live concert. Whether you’re head-banging to the Foo Fighters or being serenaded by the Utah Symphony, live music truly immerses you in the moment. It elicits an emotional response that you can’t get from listening to music through a phone or earbuds.

If you crave the concert experience but enjoy the accessibility of music, then consider a 2-channel home sound system. Keep reading to learn what sets 2-channel audio apart and explore a few of our most cherished audio brands.

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How to Enjoy a Clutter-Free Approach to Your Home Audio


Listen to Your Favorite Recordings Anywhere without Ruining Your Décor

One of the most popular solutions we offer is whole-home audio, which provides easy access to high-performance sound throughout a home. Via centralized control, homeowners can pull up their favorite recordings or playlists from the device of their choice and play them on high-end speakers that deliver studio-level quality.

Even though this convergence of quality and convenience is a huge selling point for these systems, they have other benefits. Not only is performance and ease-of-use vital, but aesthetics as well. A whole-home audio solution allows our clients to enjoy music without the clutter. 

Now they can listen to their favorite music while keeping unsightly AV components out of view. This blog highlights some ways whole-home audio offers a more streamlined approach for luxury residences.

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