How to Enjoy a Clutter-Free Approach to Your Home Audio

Listen to Your Favorite Recordings Anywhere without Ruining Your Décor

One of the most popular solutions we offer is whole-home audio, which provides easy access to high-performance sound throughout a home. Via centralized control, homeowners can pull up their favorite recordings or playlists from the device of their choice and play them on high-end speakers that deliver studio-level quality.

Even though this convergence of quality and convenience is a huge selling point for these systems, they have other benefits. Not only is performance and ease-of-use vital, but aesthetics as well. A whole-home audio solution allows our clients to enjoy music without the clutter. 

Now they can listen to their favorite music while keeping unsightly AV components out of view. This blog highlights some ways whole-home audio offers a more streamlined approach for luxury residences.

Hide Your Speakers within Walls and Ceilings

Enhance your décor by getting rid of loudspeakers or bookshelf speakers that do not fit your interior design. Architectural speakers from brands like Paradigm are installed within your walls and ceilings for an incredibly discreet aesthetic. Relish in high-performance sound with high-end speakers that optimize your style without sacrificing any sound quality! We keep all wires hidden behind walls as well, so your entertainment stays wholly hidden until you are ready to use it.

Unify Your Controls for a Sleeker Solution

Ease-of-use is the primary benefit of centralized control, but aesthetics are a close second. If you are tired of having to look at (much less deal with) a variety of remotes, knobs, and apps to manage your music, then a whole-home audio system like Control4 is the answer. Control4 allows you to easily access and command your music from a dedicated touchpad, mobile app, an universal handheld remote, or sleek on-wall keypads. There are no more piles of independent remotes for you to deal with daily. 

Aggregate All Your Sources to Reduce Clutter

Digital and streaming options allow you to enjoy thousands of recordings without having to deal with physical copies cluttering your space. You can upload your existing CDs and digital libraries into a media server and not only open up more room in your home but make it easier to find what you want. Opt for music servers that include wireless capabilities to enjoy your favorite streaming services from the same device. We recommend adding Roon software, which brings all your music together, suggests new artists, and offers immersive visuals. 

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Distributed Audio Reduces Components Needed  

Our whole-home audio solutions will then let you broadcast music from that one music server to every speaker in your house. With distributed audio, you only need a limited number of audio matrixes, receivers and sources. Crafting your ideal interior design is much easier not only because you have fewer components to deal with but also because your AV professional will hide these components away in a dedicated AV closet.


Enjoy the best performance, convenience and style with a tailored whole-home audio solution for your home in Bountiful, UT and the surrounding areas. Our AV specialists will find the best products and features to match your family’s needs and preferences. Schedule a meeting with our team by calling (801) 444-3200, filling out our contact form or chatting with us below.

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Monday, 21 September 2020
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