Three Ways Control4 OS 3 Improves Your Smart Home


Ease Your Smart Home Experience with a Control4 Installation

Smart homes should make things easier, not harder. Too often, technology solutions create complexity and frustration for users. The product holds great promise, but it takes too much effort to make everything work the way you want.

We have no doubt you can think of many technology products that are just too complicated. Whether it was a smart TV, a camera, or audio equipment, you might have been frustrated getting it to do what you wanted without going through so many steps or resetting something for the third time.

Control4 has been in the smart home control and automation market for nearly twenty years, and they have always been known for simple interfaces that make intuitive sense to non-technical users. In their latest system, OS 3, they took simplicity to the next level, streamlining navigation and rethinking the home control experience for true ease-of-use any member of the family can enjoy.

Keep reading to see why a Control4 installation should be at the top of your list to run your home in Salt Lake City and the surrounding areas.

Effortless Entertainment

When you want to listen to music or watch a show, the last thing you want is seven steps to get to what you want. Control4 made entertainment access and control a focus of their new system. For multiroom audio systems, control could not be more natural.

You can pick from different music services like Spotify and Amazon Music that are built-in to the system. With just a couple of taps, you can choose the content, direct it to one zone or more, and easily control the volume. At a glance, you can see track information and album art for what's playing in each area, and mute, skip, or turn any or all zones off.

Control4 also knows that people have different preferences for control. They designed the interface to be consistent across multiple control points, like a remote control, a touchscreen, or the TV interface. When browsing for media or controlling it, you’re also only a tap away from easy management of lights, climate, and other smart home functions.

Easier Navigation and Interaction

Apps on smartphones and tablets have come a long way in design and ease of navigation that requires no instructions. Control4 analyzed the best features of modern apps and incorporated them into the experience. Personalization of your screens is a simple affair, with favorite rooms and devices dragged and dropped into place just like you do on your smartphone. Wallpaper is customizable, so you can instantly know what room you are controlling, and you can use your own pictures too. The things you use the most are front and center in your interface, and different family members can customize theirs differently.

At a Glance Status and Control

If you want to know if your smart-lock equipped door is locked, all you need to do is glance at the icon - it will show locked or unlocked. A quick tap can lock or unlock it as you need. Want to know the level of a set of lights? A quick look is all that's necessary, and a tap and running a finger on a slider can adjust it. The temperature of your smart thermostat will show up on the icon, too, with no need to dive into a separate screen. Little details like these often add up to a system that becomes second nature and a pleasure to use every day.  


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Show and Tell AV Solutions would welcome the opportunity to show you all the power and capabilities of a Control4 smart home system. Just give us a call at (801) 444-3200, fill out our contact form, or chat with us below – we look forward to working with you.

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