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How to Get a Home Sound System that Looks as Good as It Sounds

Custom KEF home theater sound system in a Salt Lake City home.

Exploring Sound Options that Appeal to Your Sense of Style

We understand that most people love great sound, but not everyone loves speakers. So even though we can wax ecstatic about speaker drivers, cabinet design, woods, and automotive-grade metallic finishes, some of our clients might yawn and say, "Can I just get the sound without seeing the speaker?"

We hear you, and of course, you can. Architectural speakers are built into walls and ceilings and virtually disappear. While they have been around for many years, the design and quality of architectural speakers have changed markedly over the years – they can now match the quality of their standalone counterparts. So if you are designing a new media room or home theater, you can have the sound quality you want without upsetting the room's aesthetic, no matter how many speakers are in the system. 

Let's explore some hi-fi disappearing speakers you can use in your Salt Lake City, UT, home sound system

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