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How to Design Your Home for Better Music Streaming


Our Whole Home Audio Solutions Deliver High-Performance Sound in Every Room

Listening to music has evolved drastically from the days when audiophiles would sit in front of a record player all day. In recent years, streaming has become the primary way people listen to music. Enjoying instant access to thousands of recordings is an audiophile's dream come true—even if for some people, that means sacrificing quality along the way.

That’s because many people are still using makeshift solutions to access their favorite streaming services. In many cases, they’re using smartphones with basic earbuds or low-fidelity Bluetooth speakers. Getting convenient, high-performance streaming audio is not impossible, though. The best way to experience the streaming revolution is by installing a wireless whole home audio system. 

Here we outline the steps you need to take for a truly stellar wireless whole home audio installation. One that makes it easy to find the music you want and choose where you want it to play in your Salt Lake City, UT home.

Adding Wireless Capabilities to Your System

Usually, we create wireless whole home audio systems in two ways. You can invest in high-end wireless speakers or connect your existing speakers to wireless-enabled components. During the design phase, we will help you decide which to use or if a hybrid approach would be the best option. First, let us explain a little better what each of these choices entails.

Wireless speakers communicate with each other using your wi-fi network instead of Bluetooth. This allows for greater reach and reliability. These wireless systems not only give you instant access to streaming services like Spotify or Tidal, but they let you group speakers quickly as well. Grouping speakers into zones will easily let you play music in one room or the entire house at the press of a button.

A lot of people, though, already have home stereo systems they love. So how can that be brought into this new wireless ecosystem? Connect your speakers and sources to specialized amps or receivers that provide them with wireless capabilities. A wide variety of these is available, including Paradigm’s PW Link, Triad’s streaming amplifier, Sonos Amp, and McIntosh’s RS200 wireless loudspeaker system. 

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Installing High-Performance Components

It’s easy to go wireless with the options listed above, but things could go wrong just as easily if you use the wrong equipment. Always go with trusted brands like Paradigm, Triad, or KEF. While some wireless speaker companies are first and foremost software and computer hardware companies, traditional speaker manufacturers like KEF and Paradigm always put audio quality first to make your whole home audio system sound its best.

When looking at wireless speakers or components, there are a few things you should check. First, check for advanced technology like DTS Play-Fi which lets you stream lossless files that deliver CD-quality sound. Then make sure your favorite streaming services are including natively. Most manufacturers offer Tidal, Spotify, Deezer, and Apple Music among others. Apple users should also look for Airplay-enabled devices that let you easily stream any digital content from your iPhone or iPad.

Choosing the Right Streaming Services 

As we mentioned, it's essential to look at the streaming services offered when choosing a wireless sound system. No matter how good your speakers or audio components, they'll only be as good as your initial signal. That's why we recommend choosing streaming services that offer Master Quality Audio (MQA).

MQA stores digital signals in lossless resolutions with unique technology that “folds” files without the typical compression used in streaming. Typical compressed formats like MP3 can lose important details in a recording, impacting its dynamic range. Instead, MQA delivers CD-quality and even higher resolution audio without requiring massive files.   

Deezer and Tidal were the first streaming services to offer MQA in their top-tier packages. If you want to know if your current subscriptions deliver the best possible quality, reach out to one of our audio experts to find out.


Embrace the best in whole home audio with high-end wireless solutions. We’ll help you find the ideal streaming options based on the size of your home and listening preferences. Set up a consultation with our team by calling (801) 444-3200, filling out our contact form or chatting with us below.

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