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Why Sony is the Best Choice for Your Home Entertainment


Work with a Professional Home Theater Company for the Best in Home AV

Sony is one of the best-known home electronics companies in the world. During your lifetime, you’ve likely used their televisions, speakers, and game consoles. They are one of the standard-bearers in the AV industry for a reason, and no line of products showcases the company's commitment to quality and innovation quite like their Sony ES components and XBR 4K displays.

Even though some Sony ES products are available at retail stores like Best Buy, the best way to take advantage of these high-end models is to get them through a professional installer. Deploying these components to their full potential requires a home theater company with the experience and expertise needed to know what products work best depending on the space, application, and more.

As you read this blog, you’ll find out why Sony continues to be the go-to partner for AV professionals and also learn about the top products available for your home in Park City, UT, or the surrounding areas.

Why We Work with Sony ES

All Sony ES products—also sometimes referred to as Sony Premium Home—are explicitly designed for custom installations. Not only do their AV receivers come in compact casings ideal for AV racks, but all models include internal hardware and software that allows for easy setup and configuration. All projectors include IP control to integrate them with your preferred control system.

Naturally, you may be wondering what this means for you aside from a smoother installation. Our team of AV experts takes advantage of cutting-edge software and hardware to fully claim all the features you could be showcasing in your home theater. We’ll take care of matching your Sony television with a Sony ES receiver to optimize it for 4K and Dolby Atmos or dial in the ideal projector brightness and set up for home theater installations.

The Best from Sony

One of our most significant responsibilities as a home theater company is to advise our clients on the best solutions for their space. From Sony’s top products, including their custom ES products and Master Series displays, below are the ones we love using in our media room and home theater installations.  

Sony A8G OLED: How do Sony OLED TVs stand out? Relying on self-lighting pixels, OLED TVs produce greater contrast, allow for thinner panels and wider viewing angles. Exceptional black levels, however, are ultimately the biggest calling card for OLED TVs. Enjoy superior video quality with the Sony A8G which uses the company’s processing technology to deliver advanced HDR and motion. High standards for color, contrast and clarity are met every time.

VPL-VW695ES: Unparalleled performance is also available through Sony’s high-end 4K projectors. Sony’s 695ES projector offers great value while providing exemplary quality. The projector delivers 1,800 lumens and full HDR. With trademark Motionflow and Reality Creation technology, this projector offers smooth motion, native 4K resolution, and image upscaling. Revamp your theater easily with motorized zoom lens and wide lens shift capabilities that allow for smooth installation in a wide range of rooms.

ZH8: Sony’s 8K LED display showcasing High Dynamic Range is one of their latest releases. No matter what you’re watching, the TV’s powerful processor will provide greater depth and clarity to the image. The TV also includes ambient optimization, which automatically adjusts picture and sound to the room environment. As with the rest of the company's Master Series TVs, this includes Netflix Calibration Mode to ensure you see Netflix Originals exactly the way the creators envisioned.  

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Do you want to enhance your media room or home theater with the latest Sony products? As your local home theater company, we’d love to help you create the perfect viewing experience in your home. Give us a call at (801) 444-3200, fill out our contact form or chat with us below to set up a meeting.

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