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How Better Lighting Design Can Help You

A luxurious, modern Utah kitchen with a custom lighting design.

Lighting is Fundamental for a Better Life

Do you think about the lighting in your home? Frankly, most people don't. Yet lighting can be as important as interior design, colors, furniture, and accessories. Light shapes the way you see and experience your surroundings. Unfortunately, even in high-end properties, often little attention is paid to lighting design. The same tired lighting techniques provide the right amount of light, but they miss out on the details that create atmosphere, ambiance, and a differentiated experience. 

Fortunately, that’s changing. One change is that new lighting form factors based on LED technology present new options that were previously unavailable or incredibly expensive to create with older technology. The other is a different approach to lighting design. 

Show and Tell AV has partnered with innovative companies such as Light Can Help You to make advanced lighting design faster and more accessible. Learn how better lighting design can help you experience your Salt Lake City, UT, home in a new way. 

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The Promise of Light

Light Can Help You has an interesting way of looking at lighting. Lighting should help you do the things you want to do, whether it is reading comfortably or preparing a meal in the kitchen. Lighting should help you feel comfortable in your surroundings but not be so intense that you feel like a spotlight is shining on you. Light should help you feel better, like the warm glow of candlelight or a good sunset. Light should help you focus clearly, whether working in a home office or admiring your art collection. And light should help you adapt to change, as people need different levels and types of lighting as they age and move through different life stages. A good lighting design achieves all these benefits. 

A Different Approach to Lighting Design

If you were lucky enough to get professional lighting design, it could be a drawn-out process. You had to find a professional, interview them, convey your needs and desires, get a bid, negotiate on scope and pricing, and more. You might have to repeat this process several times. 

Show and Tell AV and partners like Light Can Help You make lighting design more accessible. Different levels of design packages offer semi-custom to fully customized lighting plans for your home. All packages start with understanding your desires and lifestyle, a preliminary lighting plan, fixture recommendations, budget guidance, drawings, plans, and schedules. For more complex projects, services expand to add concept sketches, a design presentation, detailed drawings, elevations, working closely with designers, architects, and builders, and more revisions and iterations. 


Lighting is critical, but it’s only one part of your home’s functionality and aesthetics. When you work with Show and Tell AV for lighting design, you’ll integrate lighting with smart home functionality, security, and entertainment. Lighting control is an essential element of precisely managing your home’s illumination to fulfill all the promises of light. Imagine the warm glow of your lighting paired with music at the touch of a button to set a mood, or the security of a bedtime routine that turns off lighting but leaves just the right amount of illumination to navigate your home in the dead of night. That’s the promise of light, made easy with smart technology

Are you interested in an elevated lighting experience for your home? Get started on your project by contacting Show & Tell AV Solutions today! We would love to work with you.

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